Board of Directors

Wyoming Medical Center’s board of directors ensures the hospital’s financial practicality and the organizational sustainability. Our volunteer board members have diverse expertise in a variety of areas including business, finance, law, accounting, healthcare, education and more.

Jessica Oden Chairwoman
Beth Worthen Vice Chair
Lisa Burridge Secretary
John Masterson
Mark Dowell, M.D.
J. Paul Jones, M.D.
Tom Crull
W. Lee Warren Jr., M.D.
Mike Reid
Chris Muirhead
Susie McMurry Ex-Officio, Community Member
John Lawson

Medical Staff Officers

R. Andrew Dunn, M.D. Chief of Staff
Kevin Helling, M.D. Vice Chair
Arash Rafiq, M.D. Secretary

Hospital Administration

Wyoming Medical Center administrators understand the healthcare needs of rural Wyoming. Under the governance of the hospital board of directors, our administration oversees the daily operations of the medical campus and at outreach clinics throughout the state. For a full list of our management team, see our organization chart

Michele Chulick President & CEO
Mike Staley Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
Gary Zmrhal Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
James J. Bleicher, M.D. Senior Vice President Medical Operations & Chief Clinical Officer
Connie Coleman Chief Nursing Officer