Dr. Alexandru David grew up in a small city named Buzau, located in the historical region of Wallachia, Romania. He loved biology and chemistry and became interested in medicine early in his school career.

“I am an empathetic person and I like to help people in need. Bringing hope and a smile to someone fighting with illness are the things that I find the most rewarding in life,” he said.

Since coming to Casper, he is impressed by the communication between physicians from the different specialties.

“WMC is a great place to work,” he said. “Everybody is proactive and interested in providing the highest level of care to the patients; I felt integrated from the first day and all medical staff was willing to help me get used to the system and make sure that all orders are taken care of in a timely manner. Nursing staff is excellent and supportive in every aspect of patient care.”

Dr. David enjoys playing tennis, biking and hiking. He loves nature and the mountains, and he thinks Casper is a great place to pursue outdoor activities.