Dr. Mark Dowell is board certified in infectious disease and is the medical director of Infectious Disease at Wyoming Medical Center. He is also the Natrona County health officer.

Dr. Dowell was born in Dallas, Texas. His family moved frequently when he was young as his father went through training to become a research virologist. They lived in New Orleans, a couple of towns in California and ended up at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Dowell studied microbiology in college and decided on a specialty of infectious diseases to build upon that background.  

He moved to Casper in 1992 and was the first infectious disease specialist in the state of Wyoming. He raised two kids here. He founded and practices at Rocky Mountain Infectious Diseases.

“There is no hospital like Wyoming Medical Center  anywhere else in the region. It provides an extremely high level of medical care,” he said. “There is not, that I am aware of, a town or a county of this population that has as high of a level of referral care anywhere in the United States. I am proud to practice here. I know what kind of care we deliver and the outcomes we get.”