"Life's too short:" Stroke survivor's daughter ties the knot before dad's surgery

By wyomingmedicalcenter Aug 14, 2019

James Guith prepares to walk his daugther, Maryann, down the aisle at Wyoming Medical Center's chapel on Wednesday morning.

James Guith didn’t know what was happening last Friday night, but all of the sudden he couldn’t speak. Robin, his wife of 34 years, immediately called 911. When they got to the hospital just 15 minutes later, they learned he had a stroke. The Guith’s two daughters were obviously concerned. 

Maryann visits with her parents as she prepares for the wedding she decided to have less than 24 hours before.

One of their daughters, Maryann Beck-Guith, ended up in the Guith’s Spokane, Wash., foster home when she was 10. They officially adopted her when she was 16 and moved to Wyoming about 12 years ago. The Guith’s other daughter, Roxanna, is just two weeks older than Maryann. 

Maryann, now 29, moved to Spokane several months ago to help care for her ailing birth mother, who died last month. She has been in the process of planning a wedding in Spokane on Sept. 27. 

Upon hearing the news about her dad and his pending carotid surgery slated for today, she and her fiancé, Aaron Anderson, made the long drive to Casper. She didn’t tell her parents she was coming until she was on her way. 

“She called and said, ‘We’re in Idaho’,” said Robin. “We didn’t know she was coming.”

When Maryann and Aaron arrived in her dad’s hospital room around 3:30 on Tuesday afternoon, they had big news. They decided they wanted to get married. Here. At Wyoming Medical Center. And before her dad’s surgery. 

“Life’s too short,” said Maryann. “We’re getting married tomorrow.” 

Wyoming Medical Center’s stroke coordinator Melody Bowar was among the first to hear the news. “I immediately called Amanda.” Amanda BeVier is WMC’s patient/family advocate, and according to her, this is her fourth or fifth hospital wedding.

Staff chaplain Michael Gerace, stroke coordinator Melody Bowar, patient/family advocate Amanda BeVier, neurologist Rene Mosada, M.D., and medical student Alexandra Gobble all arrived as guests of the Beck-Guith/Anderson wedding.

“We’re just blown away,” said Robin. “Everyone just sprung into action.”  

On Wednesday morning, Amanda went and bought a bouquet and boutonniere for the bride and groom, and made sure they had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. A medical student, Alexandra Gobble, ran out to buy a couple of cupcakes. 

Meanwhile, Maryann and Aaron went to the courthouse to get a marriage license before hurrying to Kohl’s to buy a dress. “I bought the first one I tried on and said, ‘OK, let’s go!’” she said.  They arrived at the hospital at about 11 a.m., coordinated a few details with the staff chaplain, Michael Gerace, and the stage was set. 

Melody recorded the nuptials on James’ phone, while Amanda Facetimed Aaron’s dad in Atlanta. Dr. Rene Mosada, James’ neurologist, also made the trek downstairs to the hospital’s chapel. 

 “This will be a wedding we’ll never forget,” said Robin.

Maryann Beck-Guith and Aaron Anderson married in Wyoming Medical Center's chapel a couple of hours before Maryann's father's surgery.