New wig room offers comfortable place for cancer patients

By Mandy Cepeda Dec 17, 2013

The new wig room at Rocky Mountain Academy of Hair, Skin and Nails will give cancer patients a private, comfortable place to pick out and style their new wigs.

Every month, Wyoming Medical Center Foundation’s Angels Cancer Care Program receives multiple requests from cancer patients needing a wig. With the help of local cosmetologists, the Angels have created a room to make the entire experience more comfortable and intimate for cancer patients.

The Angels have partnered with Kirby Morris – co-owner of Rocky Mountain Academy of Hair, Skin and Nails (RMA) – to create a wig room in the cosmetology school. Morris completely refurbished a room in his school with a washing and styling station, welcoming décor and a variety of wigs lining the walls.

“Opening the wig room at the Rocky Mountain Academy of Hair Skin and Nails is allowing us to pool our resources.  It's giving patients a place to have privacy while having their head shaved and to choose a wig that fits them,” Morris said. “It's giving our school a place to teach our students about giving back to our community and to cancer patients while using the skills that they are learning here at RMA.”

In the wig room, cancer patients can have their head shaved, pick out a wig and have it styled either by RMA students or their own cosmetologist. It presents another facet of cosmetology that is not typically covered in the academy curriculum and offers an opportunity for students to learn how to handle sensitive situations with cancer patients, Morris said.

Angels Cancer Care Coordinator Jillian Riddle said the Angels are looking forward to serving hundreds of cancer patients in the new room.  “Our goal is to not only give patients privacy during this difficult time, but make them feel special when choosing their new wig. We are thrilled the wig room has come to life.”

About the Angels

The Wyoming Medical Center Foundation’s Angels Cancer Care program serves hundreds of Wyoming cancer patients every year offering emotional support and financial assistance with wigs, gas cards, transportation and more. To learn more or to make a donation, call (307) 577-4355 or visit our website.

If you are a cancer patient needing a new wig or would like more information about the wig room or the Angels Cancer Care Program, contact Jillian Riddle at

About RMA

 Rocky Mountain Academy of Hair, Skin and Nails is located at 315 E. Fifth St. in Casper. Call them at (307) 237-4247.