For questions or to schedule an appointment, call (307) 577-2929.

Wellness Membership

  • $45 per month 
  • $20 startup fee (one time)
    If five or more individuals from your place of business join, the $20 initial fee will be waived. 

This membership option is available to all community members for a limited term of six months.  Upon completion, you will be encouraged to join a participating gym at a discount. Call (307) 577-2929 for more information. 

Membership includes:

  • Lipid profile and A1c (initial and exit)

  • Fitness studio and group exercise classes

  • Intake and exit with an RN health and wellness coach
  • 6  health and wellness coaching appointments
  • Consultations with an exercise physiologist
  • Nutrition consultations with nurse practitioner
  • Usage of the fitness studio (during open times)
  • Health lectures

WMC Employee, Practictioner & Volunteer Membership

$15 per month ($7.50 bi-monthly payroll deduct)
$5 for one additional dependent (with same address)

Membership includes:

  • Fitness studio and group fitness classes
  • Health lectures
  • Equipment orientation

10-session pass 

$75 (expires four months from purchase date)

  • Fitness studio and group fitness classes
  • Health lectures

Day Pass


  • Fitness studio and group fitness classes

  • Health lectures

Group Exercise Classes

We offer a variety of group exercise classes that accommodate all fitness levels and interests. They include:

  • Mat pilates
  • Yoga
  • Total body
  • Cardio kick
  • Mindfulness
  • Chair aerobics
  • Resistance to the core

Membership Terms

All payments are nonrefundable. Nonpayment of dues is cause for termination. Termination of membership payment may take 30 days to process. 

Memberships are not transferable. Members cannot let other people into the gym and doing so is cause for immediate termination.