Community Benefit

Wyoming Medical Center isn’t like every other hospital. WMC is proud to operate as a not-for-profit organization. In other words, we are a charitable organization that is committed to improving the health of our community in the heart of Wyoming.

Because of our not-for-profit status, the federal government has mandated that healthcare organizations operating like WMC report all community benefit programs. These programs include different activities and services, such as:

  • Charity care (financial assistance) and other community benefits
  • Community building activities
  • Medicare, bad debt and collection practices
  • Management companies and joint ventures
  • Facilities comprising the organization

The requirement provides WMC with an opportunity to communicate openly, honestly and directly about our community benefit practices. These activities are detailed on the IRS form titled “990 Schedule H,” allowing for full disclosure of our charitable actions and making this information easily accessible. By being open and direct with our community, we can maintain good relationships with everyone we serve in Wyoming.

Past Contributions to the Community

For fiscal year 2015, Wyoming Medical Center is proud to acknowledge the following charitable activities:

  • $21,495,170 for Financial Assistance and Other Community Benefit
  • $827,713 for Community Building Activities
  • $26,428,640 Bad Debt Expense​
  • $7,428,691 Medicare Shortfall