Location & parking

Our Intensive Care Unit is located on the third floor of the Center Tower, accessible from the Center Elevators.


Because the ICU houses some of our sickest patients, please adhere to our ICU visiting guidelines at the bottom of this page.

24-hour Intensivist Care

Our ICU is the only one in Wyoming, and just one of a few in the United States, with a 24-hour intensivist program. Intensivists are medical doctors who specialize in treating critically ill patients. Our intensivists are board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine and critical care.

Having an intensivist dedicated to the ICU 100 percent of the time improves efficiency and coordination of care. This frequently means a shorter length of stay. Faster, more immediate care is also available in cases where a patient’s condition changes rapdily.

Our ICU encompasses a variety of specialties including trauma, general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, general medicine and cardiology.

Visitation guidelines

Some special restrictions exist for our Intensive Care Unit. These include:

  • No more than three visitors are allowed in a room at one time.
  • Cell phones and cameras are not permitted. Please turn your phones to vibrate and take your calls in the waiting areas. Absolutely no cameras are allowed in the ICU.
  • Respect our patients’ privacy. Our walls are glass to allow the nurses a direct view of their patients at all times. Please respect our patients’ privacy by not lingering in the hallways during your visit. Family conversations should take place either in the patient room or in the waiting room. Your nurse can arrange a private place for a family conference if needed. Outside food and beverages are not permitted in patient rooms. Meals and snacks should be eaten in the cafeteria or the waiting areas.
  • In special circumstances, and with the physician’s approval, pets may visit for short periods of time. A special consent and release is required before the visit. Check with the nurse for further details.
  • Our infectious disease specialist recommends there be no flowers in patient rooms due to the presence of tiny bugs on the flowers and potential allergens. You may leave bouquets at the front desk in ICU until the patient is discharged from the ICU, or take a picture of them for the patient and then take them home. We recommend cards, photos and non-latex balloons for ICU get-well wishes.