Dr. April Rosalez is board certified in family medicine, and specializes in pediatrics. She sees patients of all ages at Mesa Primary Care.

Dr. Rosalez grew up in Shelby, Mich., and became interested in medicine when her sister contracted Lyme disease and was very sick for several years.

“Between the naturopathic and the medical doctor approach, she is doing great today. When it was time to go to medical school, I wanted to pick something that incorporated both approaches. I picked osteopathy because it seemed to consider the whole patient along with the medical training,” she said.

A D.O., or a doctor of osteopathic medicine, is a fully-licensed physician who focuses on whole-body wellness and lifestyle education rather than focusing on particular set of symptoms. Along with managing disease with traditional medicine, they teach prevention, believe that all systems of the body work together and use a hands-on approach to treating patients.

“We use our hands for healing,” she said. “I always tell people to think of me as your doctor, but I’m also your chiropractor, your massage therapist and your kinesiologist as well.”

Dr. Rosalez trained at Wyoming Medical Center for two years and completed her residency at the University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency in Casper.

“To be in family medicine, you have to love your community. You are your patients’ doctor, but you’re also their support system and sometimes there is a little bit of social work thrown in there as well,” she said. “I like when I run into one of my patients in the grocery store, because it makes Casper feel like a small community and that I was able to help someone.”