Loura Heuer is a certified family nurse practitioner at Mesa Primary Care.

She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but was raised all over the country. She says she has been interested in working in medicine since she was in the fourth grade.

Previously, she worked as a nurse at Wyoming Medical Center for many years. She began in Outpatient Services and the GI lab before transferring to the Emergency Department where she worked for 13 years.

Heuer earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Walden University. She wanted to make the switch to nurse practitioner to develop a deeper relationship with her patients.

“I wanted to provide more comprehensive care to my patients and their families,” she said. “In the Emergency Department, the window of opportunity to make a difference in our patients’ lives is small. I wanted to do more and to be able to follow up and follow through with them.”

She chose to work in primary care because these providers hold the keys to unlocking a very complicated system of healthcare delivery. She hopes to improve access to health care in our community.

“As primary care providers, we are in a unique position to help our patients navigate this system,” she said. “We can help implement treatment plans that focus on prevention, health and wellness as opposed to simply treating illness.”

Heuer is married and has five children.