Professional headshot of Monica Janssen

Monica Janssen F.N.P.

Family Practice

Mesa Primary Care 3632 American Way
Casper, WY 82604 directions

phone (307) 234-6765
fax (307) 234-6998

Monica Janssen is a certified family nurse practitioner at Mesa Primary Care seeing patients of all ages.

Janssen grew up in Douglas and knew from middle school that she wanted to be a nurse. “I like the idea of helping people, and it stuck with me,” she said.

She worked at Wyoming Medical Center for 12 years before making the transition to primary care. She started as a nurse’s aid on our neurology floor in April 2003 while attending nursing school at Casper College. She also worked in our Intensive Care Unit.

Janssen earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Wyoming and her master’s degree from Walden University.

She decided to transition to primary care because she wanted to help patients prevent illness, rather than always treating patients after they were already sick.

“Working in the ICU, you see a lot of people at their worst health. I like the idea of helping people stay in their best health,” she said. “Having a primary care provider is important in managing health, so you are able to function and enjoy life to your best ability.”