Dr. Andy Dunn is board certified in family medicine, and is medical director of Mesa Primary Care and Sage Primary Care.

After working as a Wyoming Medical Center hospitalist for several years, Dr. Dunn transitioned to family practice to form deeper, more long-term relationships with his patients.

Dr. Dunn grew up in Denver and became interested in medicine after completing a semester of EMT training as part of a volunteer fire department EMS team. He relished the chance to really help people in need.

“This sounds corny, but I love the Norman Rockwell approach to medicine. There is a painting where the doctor is listening to a young child’s doll with his stethoscope, and that has always kind of stuck with me,” he said. “I feel very fortunate to be in that kind of setting, to help someone when they need it.”

As a medical student, he completed a four-week rotation at Wyoming Medical Center and fell in love with the hospital and the community. He completed his residency in Casper and stayed here as a WMC hospitalist. He is excited to help establish primary care practices focused on preventative medicine for the whole community.

“I love treating families,” he said. “I love kids. I love grandparents and everyone in between. To treat a family is a huge honor and a huge blessing.”

Dr. Dunn is married and has two children.