Vishwanath Pattan, M.D., grew up in India, a country with a near pandemic of diabetic patients. He chose endocrinology because he thought he could make a big health impact by helping patients manage and prevent diabetes.

“Diabetes impacts almost every aspect of health from the results of surgery to pregnancy outcomes. It increases impacts of cardiovascular disease and is a major killer in that regard,” he said. “It is a major challenge for public health as well. I believe by learning to control this disease, we can make an impact on the health of society.”

Dr. Pattan is board certified in internal medicine. He has done an endocrinology research fellowship at Mayo Clinic and a clinical endocrinology fellowship at Harbor UCLA/City of Hope in California.

Wyoming Endocrine and Diabetes is a specialized center for the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal and metabolic diseases. Diabetes is a dangerous lifelong condition and, if not controlled, can lead to kidney failure, non-traumatic lower-limb amputations, blindness, heart disease and stroke. Dr. Pattan leads a team of diabetes educators providing one-on-one education for people with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes as well as for people with pre-diabetes.

Dr. Pattan is excited to be working in Casper, a region in need of a full-time endocrinologist.

“I heard that many patients were traveling long distances for treatments. When that happens, then the number of office visits goes down and patient education and follow-up is not as effective,” he said.