Intensive Care Unit

Mc Ginley and Perex ICU image
Needing intensive care isn’t exactly on anyone’s to-do list. But if the circumstances call for you or your loved one to require intensive care services, Wyoming Medical Center will be here.

When a critically ill patient requires health care from a specialized unit, Wyoming Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is equipped to provide the highest-quality care. This unit encompasses a variety of specialties including trauma, general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, general medicine and cardiology. Learn more about our ICU below.
Visitors are welcome in the Intensive Care Unit, but other provisions apply to keep patients safe. Please see the Intensive Care Visitors section for more information.


An affiliate of Wyoming Medical Center and a member of Wyoming Health Medical Group, the Intensivist Services of Wyoming provide WMC’s Intensive Care Unit with trained intensivists who care for and treat critically ill patients. Meet them here:

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