At Wyoming Medical Center, we take our role as a community hospital very seriously. Regardless of ability to pay, anyone who needs emergent medical care gets the help they need.

Qualified financial counselors are available to assist you with your financial questions or concerns Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call us at (307) 577-2421.

Certified financial counselors can:

  • Explain payment options or help you pay your bill. 
  • Assist you in determining qualification for the programs such as Medicaid or the Federal Health Exchange.
  • Assist with the determination of your insurance benefits.
  • Assist you with the billing and claim process.
  • Answer your financial assistance questions.
  • Help with a request an estimate.

Below are some important reminders you should keep in mind regarding patient finances:

  • We will only collect the patient responsibility portion of the hospital fees/charges at the time of your payment.
  • Treatment at WMC can result in several bills depending on the services provided. For example, if your physician orders X-rays for you, you may receive a bill from the radiologist for their reading fee along with the WMC billing statement. If you have questions on any bill, you should use the contact information on the specific billing statement.
  • We will provide all appropriate members of your healthcare team with your insurance and billing information.
  • Your insurance company might pay you directly for the care we provided. It is your responsibility to forward those payments to Wyoming Medical Center to pay for that care.
  • Regardless of your ability to make a payment, your representative will outline our Payment Programs. 

Make a payment online

Choose the image that matches your bill. This will determine if you make a payment for Wyoming Medical Center or Wyoming Health Medical Group? If you multiple bills you will have to make multiple payments.

Make a payment by mail

Access our convenient, secure form to make a payment or send us your payment through the mail.  (Add images of sample bills)

Pay Your Bill Online 

Please mail payments to our secure lockbox:
Wyoming Medical Center
Dept. CH 16757
Palatine, IL 60055-6757

Request an Estimate

When you are scheduled for a test or procedure at WMC, you may request an estimate of the expected cost and your portion of the responsibility.  Estimates are based on information provided by you (the patient or caregiver) and do not include additional tests/procedures/services ordered by your physician after the initial estimate or other unforeseen complications, or physician charges which are billed directly by your physician.  Our financial counselors can be reached during regular business hours at (307) 577-2421 or in person on our campus.  The financial counselor will ask you to provide the following information in order to provide the most accurate estimate of what you may pay for services:

  1. Name of insurance company
  2. Policy holder / member name
  3. Policy number
  4. Group name and number
  5. Insurance company phone number
  6. Test procedure or CPT code

Payment Programs 

We offer a number of flexible payment options. Payment plans must be arranged through a financial counselor. Please call (307) 577-2421 for more information.  

Contact Us

If you have further questions regarding patient finances, we are happy to answer them. Please get in touch with us today using the below contact information.

Patient Financial Services Physical Location:
Note: Mailing address is below
167 S. Conwell St., Suite 2
(307) 577-2421 (local)
(877) 962-7243 (toll free)