Be Your Own Health Advocate

We need you to participate in your care and be your own advocate. Ask questions, tell us about your concerns, let us know how we can help. Nurses and staff at Wyoming Medical Center will follow many safety protocols that may seem repetative. We are doing so with your health and safety in mind.

We will:

  • Wash our hands before examining you. We will “gel-in” and “gel-out” when entering or leaving your room, and we encourage your visitors to do the same.
  • Double check your name and wristband before any test or procedure and before administering medication.
  • Help you to the bathroom and in and out of bed if you are at risk of falling.
  • Check your vitals at all hours, even when you are asleep. Rest promotes healing, but sometimes we need to wake you for check-ups to assure you are getting better.

Lost and Found

Please send purses, jewelry, wallets and other valuables home with a trusted friend or family member. If you cannot, call Security at (307) 577-2757 to arrange for storage in the safe.

Lost and Found is located at the main security desk on the first floor near the emergency room entrance. Found items are held for a minimum of 30 days. After the holding period, all items are donated or destroyed. Anyone claiming property is required to show a driver’s license or other photo identification and will be asked to describe the item in detail before it is released.

Resources and Information

  • Tobacco-free campus: Wyoming medical center is a tobacco-free campus. Please refrain from using cigarettes, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes anywhere on the hospital campus. For help in quitting, check out the Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program.
  • Communication services: Free interpreter services are available upon request for patients and family members. TTY Services and/or sign language interpretation are available for the hearing impaired. Ask your nurse about these services or access the TTY line at (307) 577-2095.
  • Medical records: We keep your health information private and confidential, as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA. If you believe your health information was misused, you may file a complaint with your provider, your health insurer or online at Get copies of your medical records by calling the Release of Information Department at (307)577-2463 or by filling out this form.
  • Pets and pet therapy: Pets are welcome to visit patients with a physician order. Pets must report to the Security Desk at the Emergency entrance with a completed Pet Visitation Consent form. Security will verify pet vaccinations and observe the pet for visible illness. Ask a patient navigator, security guard or other staff member for more information. Service animals are allowed when they serve as a guide animal, signal animal or animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.

Complaints & Grievances

Patient Complaint Process

You may contact any of the following for assistance in resolving your concern:

  • Wyoming Department of Health
    Healthcare Licensing and Surveys
    Hathaway Building, Suite 5102300
    Capitol Avenue
    Cheyenne, WY 82002
    (307) 777-7123
    Fax complaint form (available here) to (307) 777-7127
  • Office of Civil Rights, DHHS
    999 18th Street, Suite 417
    Denver, CO 80202
    (303) 844-2024
    Fax (303) 844-2025 TDD: (303) 844-3439

Compliance and Ethical Concerns

Banner Health Wyoming Medical Center provides an avenue for reporting concerns regarding compliance or actions that could be unethical, illegal, or violations of our Code of Conduct. We believe that a compliance hotline is an important part of a compliance program, which allows the reporting of such concerns, which can also be reported anonymously.

The ComplyLine: (888) 747-7989 or here