An Angel Among Us: Paradise Valley Elementary's Katelynn Oden raises $600 for Wyoming cancer patients

By Jillian Riddle Jun 1, 2015

Some of the most inspiring and moving actions come from some of the smallest people.  Casper is blessed with a philanthropic and giving community with many who have set an example for giving to those in need.

Katelynn Ogden, a fifth grader at Paradise Valley Elementary, poses with Jillian Riddle in the Angels Cancer Care Program wig room.

Katelynn Oden, a fifth grader at Paradise Valley Elementary, poses with Jillian Riddle in the Angels Cancer Care Program wig room.

This year, the Angels Cancer Care Program (a program of the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation) was blessed by an angel whose parents and family have taught her the value of giving.  Katelynn Oden, a fifth grader at Paradise Valley Elementary School, made 30 bookmarks and sold them to her classmates in an effort to raise money for cancer patients. The idea came from a discussion with her teacher, but her decision to give to the Angels Cancer Care Program was because of the support we provide locally.

Many of Katelynn's classmates donated more than the cost of the bookmarks. Her grandparents, Les and Debbie Loveland, matched the money she raised for a total of $600 that she gave to the Angels Cancer Care Program. When asked of her accomplishment, Katelynn replied, “I am proud of myself.”  She also feels that it is worth doing again.

Katelynn’s self-assigned project didn’t just stop with bookmarks and fundraising.  She then created a presentation about cancer followed by a question-and-answer game. Katelynn informed her classmates about the number of people affected by cancer and that although cancer cannot be cured, it can be treated.

Thank you, Katelynn, for thinking of the Angels Cancer Care Program and for being an angel to cancer patients in our community.  You have made the world a brighter place with your thoughtfulness and generosity.

About the Angels

The Angels Cancer Care Program supports cancer patients from Wyoming with non-medical needs.  The Angels are volunteers who drive patients to appointments, mentor patients, make and deliver meals, and give of themselves to ensure that no patient is left to fight for their lives alone.  The Angels strive to be a visible safety net at Rocky Mountain Oncology, making sure that everyone has multiple opportunities to learn of the care and support that is available to them.  For more information on the Angels Cancer Care Program, contact Jillian Riddle at 577-4355.

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Jillian Riddle

Jillian Riddle is the the Angels Cancer Care coordinator with the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation. She is a native of North Carolina with a love for the outdoors. Contact here at or (307) 577-4355.