'BEST PAINT SCHEME EVER': A Belgian YouTuber… - Wyoming Medical Center

'BEST PAINT SCHEME EVER': A Belgian YouTuber is our ambulances' biggest fan

By The Pulse Oct 29, 2013

We stumbled across this great little You Tube video a couple of weeks ago and just had to share. ThePolicefreak posted the footage on Sept. 28 with this description:

“Ambulance MS 302 of the Wyoming Medical Center is responding. Notice the AMAZING paint schemes for this ambulance. I think it’s the best in whole world. Ambulance is also responding with Dual sirens. Sorry for the bad video but we just stopped for filling the car up when this ambulance was flying in Code 3.
RTW der Wyoming Medical Center Mit die beste Lackierung auf der ganzen Welt.
Een ziekenwagen van het Wyoming Medical center rijd met spoed met een zéér mooie striping als het niet de mooiste in de wereld is !!”

Judging by his other 854 video posts, ThePolicefreak is something of an enthusiast for mostly-European-looking EMS vehicles speeding away with sirens flashing. Our ambulance video has 948 views and 20 “thumbs ups” (one of them from us).

We love many things about this post. Here are but a few:

  • The title: “Wyoming Medical Center Ambulance [BEST PAINT SCHEME EVER]” (Thanks, ThePolicefreak. We kind of agree.)
  • Ambulance (and firetruck and police car) spotting is, apparently, a real thing: ThePolicefreak has 1,800 subscribers and converses with viewers who seem as excited about his EMS videos as he is.
  • The comments: “THAT WAS AN EPIC CATCH! VERY NICE VIDEO AND AMBULANCE! :o)” commented THEMAJESTIRIUM1 “Great catch my friend! Love that livery ;D” commented Daddy2548 And our favorite, posted by sven pieters: “Wow zeer mooi dat ziet je maar 1 keer in je leven zoon ambulance!”

Curious, we messaged ThePolicefreak to find out more. And guess what? He answered.

The Pulse: Who are you and where do you live?

ThePolicefreak: First of all thank you for your interest. You have a really nice blog. (We had to throw that in!) Here are the answers for you questions: K.Philips and I'm from Belgium, Europe.

The Pulse: What brought you to Casper, Wyo., on that day?

ThePolicefreak: I was on a road trip through the USA. And I tried to film emergency services from every city that I went through.

The Pulse: From where did your interest in EMS vehicles come?

ThePolicefreak: It all started 3 years ago with filming my local fire department and then I went filming emergency services from all over my country. I think emergency vehicles are very interesting. I also film them as a tribute for the crews.

The Pulse: We love your comments about our ambulance! What did you find so special about this video catch?

ThePolicefreak: I think the paint job is something (different) than all other paint jobs you see on most of the ambulances. I think it is very original. I wish the ambulances in Europe had these paint jobs.

The Pulse: How often do you film EMS vehicles? How big is your collection?

ThePolicefreak: I have a collection from about 900 videos from police, EMS and fire departments responding, mainly from Belgium. I have about 40 videos from USA emergency services responding. But not all these videos are all uploaded. Then I have a couple videos from fire departments from Germany, Luxembourg and Holland, responding code 3.

Greetings from Belgium!