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Congrats Aspen Scherck of Mills Elementary! Your black-footed ferret joins our ambulance herd

By Kristy Bleizeffer Feb 15, 2016

Aspen Scherck, at left, looks in on Rebus, a ferret from the National Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center in Wellington, Colo., that cannot be released into the wild.

Congratulations to Aspen Scherck of Mills Elementary! Her black-footed ferret entry won the public voting round, securing the ferret's place in the strangest animal herd in all of Wyoming.

For our 2016 ambulance contest, we asked Natrona County elementary students to nominate their favorite Wyoming critters to join the Wyoming Medical Center ambulance herd. Did they ever answer! We received 170 entries from almost every elementary school. Our selection committee poured over every entry and had a devil of a time picking the 10 finalists.

We will unveil the new black-footed ferret ambulance this spring at Aspen's school. The ferret joins our other ambulance animals including a grizzly bear, bald eagle, pronghorn antelope, elk, bighorn sheep, moose, mountain lion, bison and cutthroat trout.

Congratulations to all the talented finalists!

Black-footed ferret: Aspen Scherck, 10, Mills Elementary — 426 votes

Coyote: Precious Virden, 11, Southridge Elementary — 149 votes

Red Fox: Kazden Hossack, 9, Mills Elementary — 187 votes

Great horned owl: Reece Doner, 9, University Park — 184 votes

Wild mustang: Traesen Mulgado, 8, Oregon Trail — 85 votes

Jack rabbit: Alicia Baker, Mills Elementary — 149 votes

Bobcat: Aubry Hurst, 8, Paradise Valley — 327 votes

Gray wolf: Giovanni Lucchi, 10, Mills Elementary — 328 votes

Western meadowlark: Jazmine Stovall, 10, Cottonwood Elementary — 414 votes

Beaver: Mallory Clark, 8, Oregon Trail — 66 votes