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Congratulations to Evelyn McDaniel, WMC's Volunteer of the Year

By Kristy Bleizeffer Aug 25, 2020

Wyoming Medical Center couldn't do what we do without the dedication and compassion of volunteers like Evelyn McDaniel, our WMC Volunteer of the Year.

Evelyn has been a WMC volunteer for eight years and has contributed more than 2,600 hours of service. She is treasurer of the WMC Volunteer Board, serves on the Scholarship Committee and volunteers in the Cottage Gift Shop and at the Surgical Staging Area. She is a committee chair of the Caring Closet where she helps stock new clothing for patients in need.

Thank you, Evelyn, for all you do for staff, patients and families!

Below, Evelyn describes the life of a volunteer in her own words.

Volunteer duties

Workig at the giftshop was my first volunteer duty. I enjoy helping people buy gifts, flowers and balloons for their patient. For the past four years, I have been the volunteer treasurer.

Part of my job as treasurer includes serving on the Scholarship and Wish List committees. I also help shop for clothes for the Caring Closet where we provide new clothing for patinets who need clothing to wear home.

Favorite parts of volunteering

Making new friends has been one of the best parts of volunteering at WMC. Working with lots of different volunteers on the baord, at the gift shop and on the different committees has been great.

Helping to hand out scholarship checks to hospital employees and taking Wish List items to different hospital departments are my favorite duties as a volunteer. We gets lots of smiles and hugs!

Advice for people thinking about volunteering

Wyoming Medical Center is a great place to volunteer. Our volunteer coordinator helps place volunteers in places where they would like to help. When I retired from teaching, volunteering became one of my favorite activities. It helps keep me busy and engaged in my community.

Volunteer service awards

Wyoming Medical Center usually thanks our volunteers for their time and talents at the volunteers awards luncheon. Unfortunately, we weren't able to host the gathering this year, but we still wanted to recognize their dedication.

Our deepest gratitude to all listed below as well as to the new volunteers just joining us.

service hours

  • 100 service hours: Ed Chase, Kyle Christenson,Tomi Cox, Madilyn Davenport, Gail Kennah, Rey Pierce, Christine Reed, Vicki Row, Kylie Spangler and Pauline Winters
  • 300 hours: Judy Berst, Christine Casterline, Rory Franklin, Janet Holden, Mike Monterastelli, and Debbie Stober ​
  • 500 hours: Gail Bowman, Reta Chapman, Christine Cline, Jackie Greenlee, Sandy Nations, Nancy Rauchfuss and Kay Shaver
  • 1,000 hours: Pat Bates, Jan Cobb, Lisa Blackmon, Judy Gillum, Arlis Handeland and Rita Neville
  • 1,500 hours: Linda Askin
  • 2,000 hours: Mike Brelsford, Leigh Earle and Carol Monterastelli
  • 2,500 hours: Allen Quig
  • 3,000 hours: Pam Miller and Gerry Thorvaldson
  • 6,000 hours: Marilyn Maher
  • Junior volunteers with 40 service hours: Joelle Eisele, Amanda Ingram and Kaylie Spangler

Service years

  • 1 year: Pam Bartosh, Kendarynn Berray, Judy Berst, Christine Casterline, Ed Chase, Linda Clark, Madilyn Davenport, Hannah Glynn, Lois Hooker, Danielle Mohr, Julie Morton, Christine Reed, Kay Shaver, Dawn Thacker, Judy Thomas, Diane Way and Pauline Winters
  • 5 years: Reta Chapman, Nancy Dingman, Leigh Earle, Rory Franklin, Judy Gillum, Jackie Greenlee, Arlis Handeland, Vicki Row, Patty Sanford, Nacoal Schad, Dennis Swafford, Sharon Sword and DeeAnn Zapalac
  • 10 years: Linda Askin, Eileen Coughlin, Jody Holsten and Pam Miller
  • 15 years: Barb Garrison and Frank Stofflet
  • 20 years: Carol Boe and Marcia Elliot
  • 25 years: Dorothea Baxter and Donna Roth
  • 35 years: Marilyn Maher