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Crest Hill second graders raise money for Wyoming cancer patients

By Jillian Riddle Feb 16, 2016

Angels Cancer Care coordinator Jillian Riddle answers students’ questions about the Angels program.

When second grade teachers at Crest Hill Elementary School decided to plan a unit on changing the world, they didn’t realize it would be the students taking them to school.

Teachers brainstormed with their students ways they could help change the world. Students came up with many different ideas, such as, “helping people who are sick” and “helping people by cleaning their yards.” After compiling a list, the students noticed that there was a common theme in their ideas.

Angels Cancer Care coordinator Jillian Riddle answers students’ questions about the Angels program.

“They really wanted to help people who were in need, whether they were sick or just unable to help themselves,” said Joey Wood, a Crest Hill second-grade teacher.

The next step was finding organizations that supported students’ ideas. Students considered many organizations such as Horizon International, Wounded Warriors, and the Wyoming Medical Center Angels Cancer Care program. That’s when things got personal and real.

Wood provided specific examples of how the Angels supported her family when her husband was going through cancer. After having a vote across the grade level, all three of the second grade classes voted unanimously to have a coin drive for the Angels program.

The money started to come in. Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters – lots of them! The kids did extra chores, looked in their couch cushions and emptied change cups to support local cancer patients. The teachers incorporated the students’ coins into math lessons as they watched their donations grow. All 50 students from the three second-grade classrooms participated. They collected $330.22 in all.

At the end of the presentation, the class invited me into their school to accept their generous donation and to explain how their money will impact patients. It was my great honor to do so.

“Seeing our students so motivated to help people in need and excited to be a part of something this meaningful was inspiring,” said teacher Amy Mason.

Jillian Riddle is the the Angels Cancer Care coordinator with the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation. She is a native of North Carolina with a love for the outdoors. The Angels Program supports Wyoming cancer patients with non-medical needs such as wigs, gas and groceries. Angels are volunteers, many cancer survivors themselves, who drive patients to appointments, act as mentors, make and deliver meals, and give of themselves to ensure that no patient is left to fight alone. Call 577-4355 for more information.