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Doctor's Day: Patients celebrate doctors who impacted their lives

By Kristy Bleizeffer Mar 30, 2016

Dr. Jason Strand of Sage Primary Care examines Max, the son of Alisha Havens of Casper.

As those in the healthcare profession can attest, doctors have the power to change our lives. Whether they’ve seen us for years or pulled us through a medical emergency, their influence on our health, and often our happiness, cannot be understated.

Today is National Doctors’ Day, a day to recognize all that doctors contribute to our health, our lives, our communities and our society. We asked patients to tell us about the doctors who made a difference in their lives, and we are happy to share the stories about our doctors with you today. If you’d like to add your story, please do so on our Facebook page with the hashtag #WyomingDoctorsDay.

For Doctor's Day, I would like to recognize two great physicians: Dr. Susan Sheridan and Dr. Jason Strand. Both of these physicians have impacted our family greatly with our little boy, Max. Dr. Sheridan brought him into the world by C-Section, and Dr. Strand has cared for him since. Both of these physicians are caring and compassionate. They care for the whole self – mind, body and spirit. I know many feel this way about these two great physicians as they have touched many little lives! Happy Doctor's Day, Dr. Sheridan and Dr. Strand!– Alisha Havens

Dr. Ammar Hussieno and his wife are angels. On a Black Friday, my daughter had a seizure in Walmart. When she hit the floor, she was not breathing I went into panic mode and forgot how to do CPR. Dr. Hussieno and his wife were in the next aisle. They came around the corner and started CPR. If they had not been there, I shudder to think what would have happened. They are angels.– Donna Hines Anderson

This is a long distance testimonial. I was a patient of Dr. Lee Warren, who just recently joined your medical community in Casper, when he practiced in Auburn, Alabama. I was a patient of his for 6 years having had 4 back surgeries and surgery for a cranial tumor. He was one of the most compassionate and caring doctors I have known. His expertise in neurosurgery remains on the cutting edge. He has a great spirit and I am honored to call him a friend.– Jim Gilchrist

Dr. Jason Strand of Sage Primary Care examines Max, the son of Alisha Havens of Casper.

I had a heart attack in 2010 and lucky for me Dr. Adrian Fluture was on call that day. He and the staff saved my life that day and I have been a patient of his since that time. He has guided me into a healthier life style and been not only has he been tending to my medical needs but has become a good friend as well.– Dave Donaldson

I wish I knew the name of the doctor; I have wanted to thank him for 3 years. In April 2013, I brought my just barely turned 19-year-old son to the ER for back pain and shortness of breath. I had planned to bring him to one of the quick care centers, but for some reason I found myself bringing him to the ER. We had only lived in Wyoming for a few months. I had brought my son to his doctor in New Hampshire a couple times for similar complaints and always received the same diagnosis: “growing pains,” “teenager-itis,” etc. I was expecting the same rigmarole when I brought him in to the Wyoming Medical Center ER on that day. Was I ever wrong.

Within minutes of arriving, they took my son back to evaluate while I completed paper work. By the time I went back to the exam room, they had already done an x-ray of his back, and the ER physician had a preliminary diagnosis: Cancer. I don’t remember much after that point. I was in shock as was my son. My son was quickly admitted, after additional tests confirmed the cancer diagnosis, he began chemo and radiation. He is now about to turn 22 years old and is cancer free. This ER doctor looked past the obvious. He did not make assumptions and, along with the other wonderful doctors, saved my child’s life.– Leslie Palfrey Emond

In my nursing career, I never had much contact with Dr. Wesley Hiser, but I knew enough to know he was a man to be respected. I became personally acquainted with Dr. Hiser when my heart decided it needed a pacemaker. The procedure went as smooth as silk. Dr. Hiser IS the best. However, my recovery had its own unique set of complications. Frankly, I was afraid. What got me through it all was the confidence that Dr. Hiser just exuded. He never flinched; he never gave up; he didn't seem baffled or the least bit confused. … If Casper could be blessed with a more competent, brilliant, caring and compassionate cardiologist, I really don't know how that would be.

I've been a patient of Dr. Tom Burke for about 25 years. I could write an eBook and, no, I'm not exaggerating on all that man has seen me through. I really don't know where I'd start with all he's done for me. It isn't easy dealing with a patient with severe panic disorder who has several other health issues as well, but Dr. Burke has navigated the dark nights of the soul with me more times than I can count. He's shown me above and beyond kindness in the small things he thinks I don't know that he's done for me over the years. One tiny example, he knows that if I have to be referred to a specialist it will just throw me into a tailspin. I can't count how many times he's taken his own time to call the doctor I was going to see to explain my panic situation and pave the way for me to walk in to meet a doctor who was already prepped to treat the whole me and just not a symptom. How do I know that Dr. Burke has done this? Because several of these doctors have told me so. If I lived to be 100 and was a multi billionaire I couldn't even make a dent in the personal debt I owe this wonderful, kind, brilliant and compassionate man. I am forever grateful.– Verne Kelley (Read her full post here.)

Dr. Brian Veauthier is one of the best. I was in the hospital a second time after suffering a stroke and seizure 5 years ago. He prescribed a medication I said I could not take orally, however he felt it would be OK taken IV. It turned out not to be OK and did make me sick. He not only apologized, but continues to understand my intolerance of medication and shows genuine concern when issuing any new medications today. Thank you for your great care.– Patty Dierks

Dr. Robert Burr saved my life. He adjusted my thyroid, placed me on an acid blocker (which saved my esophagus which was NOT working properly anymore). Figured out what the "lump" in my throat was and resolved that (after seeing three other doctors who couldn't). Encouraged me to take charge of my weight and helped me to lose over 75 pounds. He always took the time to talk to me about everything that was going on in my life, to see how things are related, and how to resolve whatever ailments I might be facing. He took time to educate me on many subjects, looked things up for me, and made me feel as though I was his only patient that day. I cannot tell you how much he will be missed. He will ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart, life and memory.– Jennifer Cosper Jones

My favorite is Dr. Brock Anderson. He has such a kind soul. No matter what the case may be, he is always willing to talk and explain our situation. The Reeb family loves and appreciates him so much.– Norine Reeb

Dr. Elie Fahed at Rocky Mountain Oncology Center! I'm a Michigan to Casper transplant and went through diagnosis 3 years ago at UM in Ann Arbor, MI, for Follicular Lymphoma. I knew I had to return home to Casper, so I did my research and discovered Dr. Fahed. He saved my life, and continues to do so as we move forward into my future. All the docs and staff at RMOC are unbelievably compassionate, and deliver excellent care. Casper has a gem in RMOC and Dr. Fahed.– Mary Ann Podjun

Agree on Dr Ammar Hussieno! Also on Dr. Brock Anderson!Dr. Todd Becksteadand Dr. Mark Mc Ginley saved my daughter’s life when she had BOOP (Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia). We can't thank them enough for the care she got.– Betz Arross

Dr. James Allen at wound Care is amazing. He and his staff have been very caring, they have taken the time to explain whatever they are doing.Kathryn Losea

Dr. David Wheeler has made a huge impact in my life between epilepsy and my now reoccurring headaches. He's reassured me that everything's OK.Kassie Bucher

Dr. Kevin Helling and his staff are amazing!!! I am so excited for my journey and longtime relationship with them all. He is a very caring soul. So thankful for the journey ahead.– Jennifer Jackson

After being treated for COPD since 2001, I consulted Dr. Ammar Hussieno. After an MRI of my lungs and extensive tests, he confirmed there was no sign of COPD!!! I merely have distressed lungs which he set me up with breathing devices to help the situation. Almost a year later, I'm doing well and saving a great deal of money by not having to purchase meds for COPD. He was very kind and thorough!– Linda Donaldson

Dr. Todd Beckstead, Dr. Brock Anderson and Dr. Eric Lawrence. Very kind, knowledgeable.Karen Gates Page

Dr. Jason Lloyd is the best.– Robin Archer

Dr. Brian Veauthierand nurses at Wyoming Family Practice are the best there is. He keeps me on the straight and narrow! – Sherri Hardesty Blakeslee

Dr. Anca Voinov is praised time and time again and it still doesn't do her justice. I could never find another doctor that fits me like she does. She continuously helps, teaches, and inspires me! Thank you Dr. V and have a very happy Doctors Day!– Sunnie Evans