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Doctors' Day: Patients celebrate doctors who impacted their lives

By Kristy Bleizeffer Apr 5, 2019

Doctors have the power to change our lives. Whether they’ve seen us for years or pulled us through a medical emergency, their influence on our health, and often our happiness, cannot be understated.

In honor of National Doctors’ Day on March 30, we asked our community to tell us about a doctor who made a difference to their health, family, or community. We've compiled those stories below.

Dr. Jason Strand of Sage Primary Care examines Max, the son of Alisha Havens of Casper.

I want to share a story about Dr. Susan Sheridan. I moved to USA 4 years ago and had my first baby abroad. When I got pregnant with my second baby I was reading many reviews before choosing a doctor for me and my little one. I decided to see Dr. Sheridan. She was very patient and wonderful throughout my whole pregnancy. Anyway, with my 1st c-section experience, a doctor is checking on you every two hours. I realized that the medical field here in the USA is completely different. I was asking Dr. Sheridan millions of questions and was panicking when my c-section was scheduled for the morning time and I was stressed knowing that the doctor won't check on me in the evening. I know it might sound silly, and I know that there are always different doctors there, but I wanted my doctor to check on me and I was very anxious about it. Anyway on the 3rd of April, 2018 at noon Dr.Sheridan performed a wonderful smooth surgery and our beautiful baby girl was born. Mothers know that when you hold your healthy beautiful baby for the first time all fears just disappear. That day went by fast and at 10pm someone knocked on my door in WMC. It was Dr. Sheridan. She was dressed in her normal casual clothing and she said that she was driving by the hospital to go home and decided to stop by to check on me. I was so touched that after such a hard, busy day she still remembered about my fears, and that made all the difference for me. She found 10 minutes and came to check on me. I know that's what family does, because they care and it was incredible that she did that for me, being my doctor! — Maria Krueger

My primary doctor is April Rosalez, she is wonderful. Caring and understanding. — Sue Duncan

Dr. Eric Munoz & heart team took great care of me three years ago. — Ann Adams

Dr. Lee Warren. I had been sick off and on for 25 years. Countless doctors had dismissed me.
I was going blind. Massive headaches and neurological issues kept me in constant pain.
I was finally diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. (A result from having Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as a teenager).
But the neurosurgeons in Rapid City kept pushing me off. My pressure readings on spinal taps, weren’t text book high.
Slowly my vision kept fading.
Several trips to the emergency room in Gillette finally got attention and the doctors called Dr. Warren. He saw me immediately and planned VP shunt surgery.
The morning or surgery; I could hardly see my own feet. The pressure in my head crushing on my optic nerves. I was terrified.
Crying. Scared I would wake up blind.
Dr. Warren came in pre-op and prayed with me. I knew it was going to be okay. I’d never had a doctor treat me with the respect or care, that Dr. Warren had for me. Ever.
Long story short, the pressure in my head was greater than what was being measured on spinal taps. That was proved during surgery.
A VP (brain to abdomen) shunt was placed and a couple weeks of healing: my optic nerves started to heal.
I have some had to have that shunt removed, for failure, and a VA (brain to heart) shunt placed.
My pappilledema has for the most part, resolved. I sill have some black spots and loss in one eye, but without Dr. Warren, I would be in a much different situation.
Every day I am thankful for him.
Every single day.
As well as his staff, and the neuro ward at the hospital. Thank you. — Suzanne Hansen

Dr.Eugene Duquette in the ER is one of most of the caring Physicians I have ever come across in my years no matter how the stressful situation and one of the times I was in the ER with my son in a stressful situation he was just so calm confident carrying he's a most awesome doctor in the whole Hospital. — Charlotte Singer-Evenson

Shared a post to the WMC page. Dr. George Carmen is and has been an amazing doctor. My son and I went to the ER around 5am. My son did a few tests and breathing treatments and an X-ray. Dr. Carmen was very informative about what tests they were running and what they were going to do to treat him. He had wonderful bedside manner! We stayed there for about 6 hours to make sure he could breathe and felt much better than when we came in! I’m very grateful for the service we received! Thank you Dr. Carmen and nurses. — Kelly Louise

Dr. Susan Sheridan I’m sure is being celebrated by many, because she should be. We have felt so blessed to have her as our on/gym because she is down to earth, speaks realistically, doesn’t over explain or use unnecessary medical jargon, but still tells it like it is. She is compassionate and truly cares about her patients. I have always felt like I had control and she would help me in whatever way she could to have a successful pregnancy.
So, here’s the crazy story I will carry forever about her. We found out we were pregnant on a Friday and miscarried the following Tuesday. When we got pregnant again, Dr Sheridan was ready to help us maintain and stay calm. We had frequent ultrasounds starting April 28, 2016 (date plays a role later) and everything always seemed perfectly normal. Then, we went 2 weeks without and when we went in for a normal ob check, there was no heartbeat, which happens early on sometimes with the Doppler. So, she said we should check on ultrasound. Our world crumbled, our sweet baby had passed, but my body hadn’t miscarried, so June 16th of 2016, we found out our pregnancy wouldn’t continue. It visibly affected her and she was incredibly empathetic through everything that followed. Fast forward to April 28, 2017 and my labor for our perfectly healthy rainbow baby began. I labored through the night and through a series of events, Dr. Sheridan was able to deliver our healthy baby girl on April 29, 2017. She was amazing, no incredible through the entire pregnancy. I actually missed going to the doctors after a year of frequent visits because I was always comfortable and felt heard. I didn’t ever feel like I was a bother or an overwhelming new mom. Dr. Sheridan and Larinda Reece are a God send to the mom’s of Casper and I feel so blessed to have them watching over me. — Josie Pruett

Dr Kevin Helling. He never stops fighting for his patients. He fought to make sure I got everything I needed a couple years ago when we had complications with my surgery. That included staying in constant communication with the specialist in Denver and when time came making sure I got there. Still to this day i keep in contact even though I don’t live there so he can continue to monitor my liver enzymes. — Alyssa Nelson

Dr. James Anderson has been extremely well with my grandma in all of her surgeries saving her life as well as Dr. Brock Anderson. They have both been above and beyond. And I am forever grateful for the two they are the reason my grandma is still here! — Melissa Shoemaker

A few years ago my 9 day old baby got meningitis and we were there for two weeks on the pediatric floor over Christmas.Dr Ellbogen and Dr. Wainscott were incredible! It was a scary time for us. Dr Ellbogen kept a close eye on our little family and made sure Hayden was getting exactly what he needed and those sweet Peds nurses deserve the very best we can give them! They go above and beyond not only for the sweet patients they care for but also their terrified families. — Amber Madsen

We have been so blessed by our doctors, it would be hard to select just one on which to comment, but our Primary doctor in Dubois is a top notch doctor who never fails to be there for us. He is Dr. Vaughn Morgan. However, due to his diagnosis and concern, we have found two Casper doctors who have kept hubby with me through cancer and open heart surgery; Dr. Tobin and Dr. Munoz. Can't praise these doctors enough. — Sam N Judy Christensen

Dr. Monfre and Dr. Munoz saved my husband’s life. He had a triple bypass and I don’t know what I would do without him after 43yrs. — Pamela Nolasco

Dr. Anca Voinov because she listens and does everything to work with you to solve a problem!! So caring! — JoLynn Cook Cover

Dr. Sheridan is absolutely wonderful! She has delivered both of my babies now and each experience was great with her. Recently when my daughter was born there was a little issue when delivering and Dr. Sheridan held her composure so professionally that I didnt even know there was an issue. She is so precise in her work and I wouldn't trust anyone else to deliver my kiddos. We love her! — Stormie Day

Dr. Anca Voinov has been my primary physician for several years. She goes above and beyond any other primary dr I have ever had. She listens and cares without judgment. Dr. Voinov is amazing. — Kathryn Losea

Dr Samuel Vigneri is the best. He kept me safe when my pregnancy was going south and saved us both. He has true best bed side manner and truly cares about his patients.Devonie Lindsey Mueller

Dr. Norcross. I came to him scared and unsure what was going on with me and he listened to me. He ran several tests and he found out that I had cancer. All the doctors I went to previously told me that I had acid reflux, sleep apnea, the list goes on. I will never forget that and I am always referring people to him! He’s wonderful! — Lori Palmer

I was in septic shock a few years ago. Dr. Sheridan immediately had me transferred to the ER as she knew something was definitely not right with me. I remember Dr. Irving being there for me, Dr. Ellbogen (infectious disease), Dr. Cohon, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gottsch. There probably were more, but due to being in delirium, I can't remember a lot. These doctors saved my life and I will always be greatful for this. — Diana Spoenlein

Dr. Anca Voinov is my favorite. — Sunnie Evans

Dr.Anca Voinov is the best. — Victoria Robson

For Wyoming Doctors Day, My Husband and I want to nominate Dr. Kevin Helling. Dr. Helling is the Chief of Bariatric Surgery at #WMC. In 2016, and in 2018 Dr. Helling gave us both our lives back, and a life tool by performing Bariatric Surgery on us both! To date, I have lost 120 lbs, and in 7 months my husband has lost a remarkable 130 lbs. Dr. Helling goes above and beyond for his patients, he takes the time to listen for concerns, and continually takes the next steps to make sure your receiving the best care. Dr. Helling has helped a number of patients, but we both are grateful for the gift of health! ‎— Kristin Podjun