#IAmWMC: Christopher Jensen, Housekeeper - Wyoming Medical Center

#IAmWMC: Christopher Jensen, Housekeeper

By Kristy Bleizeffer Aug 20, 2020

For patients in the hospital, doctors and nurses are the faces of health care. But there are a hundred or more people working behind the scenes that patients rarely see, but without whom the mission of Wyoming Medical Center would not be possible.

“Housekeepers, especially during this coronavirus pandemic, are the No. 1 preventers of cross contamination and spreading of sickness and disease. We really play a huge role in keeping our patients, and the community, healthy and safe,” said Christopher Jensen, dayshift team lead for Environmental Services.

Jensen came to Wyoming Medical Center four years ago, following in the footsteps of his father, Terry Jensen, who has worked here more than 40 years. Chris was looking for a career with advancement opportunities and where he could help people. He believes he found at the state’s largest hospital.

“My dad really takes pride in his work, and there’s a part of me that wants to live up to his name. But not only that, it’s just about being part of the community. I like to refer to WMC as the big healthcare team. We are a community that works to take care of people, and here I feel like I am part of that.”

Work for the housekeepers comes in waves. During COVID, housekeepers wash down high-touch surfaces several times a day and have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures for all areas of the hospital and our network of clinics. Then, an average of 60 rooms per day need deep cleaned after patient discharges, and every occupied patient room is cleaned once per day.

“I’m really proud of the housekeeping team. Sometimes, you think you’re going to get kind of swallowed alive by how busy it is, how many discharges come all at once. But this team surprises me on a daily basis with what we are capable of doing,” Chris said. “Everyone is always willing to help out and they really step up as a team.”

One of his favorite parts of his job is cleaning occupied rooms and chatting with patients face-to-face.

“Most patients say they are thankful for our work. They often tell me that housekeepers have the most important job in the hospital, and they just want me to know that they’ve noticed. That’s one of the things I love most about this job, honestly, is just being there for people.

“I’ve had a wide spectrum of jobs before I came here, but none of them have given me the satisfaction that this job has. I like being able to serve the community at a place with a legacy like Wyoming Medical Center’s. It feels good to help patients get better, even if we are working mostly behind the scenes.”