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#IAmWMC: Garrett Witt, computer support specialist

By Kristy Bleizeffer Oct 17, 2017

Employees at Wyoming Medical Center have it drilled into them from the first day: If you have technology problems, call the HELP Desk.

Garrett Witt, a computer support specialist, is one of an eight-member team of IT specialists who answer between 25 to 30 calls per day – or 9,186 calls in FY2017 – from employees with questions about their laptops, desktops, tracking boards, printers and other devices.

“Everybody in this hospital has a specific job to do. Without IT, especially being on site like we are, computers may not work properly and processes would be a lot slower,” said Garrett who has worked for Wyoming Medical Center for about 2 ½ years. He came from a retail background, and though he doesn’t treat patients directly at the bedside, he feels part of the hospital’s larger mission of advancing the health and wellness of our community.

Garrett and the HELP Desk team manage and install the hospital’s 1,355 computers and associated equipment, troubleshoot about 75 percent of our more than 200 software applications, and assist our technology team with network and server issues. Employees know that when Garrett answers our calls for help, they’ll get sound advice and a friendly attitude.

“Coming from retail, it’s just a completely different environment to work in a place you feel appreciated and where you know the work you’re doing is noticed. I’ve never seen anything that compares to how quickly we all work together to turn a problem into a positive outcome,” he said.