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#IAmWMC: Judy Mass, Receptionist and account rep at Mesa Primary Care

By Kristy Bleizeffer Jan 6, 2020

Sometimes, when the front desk is really hopping, Judy Mass feels like an air traffic controller. She’s answering phones, booking appointments, greeting visitors, checking patients in and out, taking payment and making first contact with the patients and families who walk in the door.

“I love my job, and I love the people who walk into our clinic. Health is the great equalizer of all people. No matter what you do, no matter your walk in life, we’re all going to face health issues at some time or another,” said Judy, a front desk receptionist and account rep at Mesa Primary Care.

“Health care can be stressful, and people are often worried when they come to us. I smile, welcome them in and just try to make their experience a little better. It’s as simple as that.”

Judy has worked at Mesa since it opened in 2015. Before that, she was a switchboard operator at Wyoming Medical Center and discovered that she loved the quick pace of the job and the multitasking required to do it well. Through that position, she got know Dr. Andy Dunn over the telephone. When Mesa opened, Dr. Dunn became the medical director, and he recruited Judy to join the team.

“I thought the switchboard was fast paced, but it was nothing compared to Mesa,” Judy said.

Judy’s background is in hospitality, and she realized that was truly her niche: Helping people and trying to make their experience the best it can be. That’s what she tries to do at Mesa.

She works on a team of seven receptionists who work at both Mesa and Immediate Care, and she thinks of them as the clinic’s first responders. “We are the first experience the patients have at Mesa, and it is really important to be pleasant and welcoming and making their experience less stressful.”

She is happy with her decision to move from the hospital to one of its outreach clinics, but she still feels part of the WMC family. Protecting the health of the community requires more than the doctors and nurses and the bedside. It takes every housekeeper, financial counselor, receptionist and countless others who work together to care for patients and families.

“I think this whole wheel wouldn’t exist without those of us who don’t work at the bedside. If we weren’t up here, who’s going to take care of the patients who show up at the door? Care starts the minute the person walks through any door at Wyoming Medical Center.”