#IAmWMC: Lindee Zespy, Human resource… - Wyoming Medical Center

#IAmWMC: Lindee Zespy, Human resource assistant

By Kristy Bleizeffer Jul 26, 2018

Lindee Zespy’s husband jokes that he can’t take her anywhere in town without someone knowing her. People stop her with questions about employee benefits, a new job that’s just been posted, or a job for which they recently applied.

As a human resource assistant at one of Casper’s biggest employers, she works in a department that serves more than 1,500 Wyoming Medical Center employees and contract staff. She’s often the second person a new hire meets, after the person who interviewed them.

“I try to give them a good first impression of Wyoming Medical Center. I try to be that friendly face and to make them feel comfortable,” said Lindee. “Starting a new job is exciting, but it can also be scary. Feeling welcomed helps set the tone for how people are going to feel about their job.”

Zespy was a front desk clerk for Sage Primary Care for two years. But when an HR position opened at WMC, she went for it. She’s worked in Employees Services now for six years.

“People are my passion. I see all of my co-workers more than I see my own family, and I love being able to help employees. I feel like if I can help employees over here, it helps improve patient care on the floor,” she said.

“If someone has a cruddy experience in Employee Services, or they feel they aren’t valued or taken care of, they are frustrated. That flows into their work.”

Zespy and her husband both grew up in Casper. They love the University of Wyoming and are huge Cowboy fans. Zespy plans to return to school this fall, taking online UW classes to finish her bachelor’s degree.

“Wyoming is home for us, and I like what this hospital stands for. Not just for our community, but for our state,” she said. “Our shield logo, our colors, that is Wyoming. And we really do take care of the whole state, no matter who you are or where you live.”