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Lights, Camera, Appreciation: Wyoming Medical Center celebrates volunteers who make a difference

By Lisa Johnson Aug 29, 2019

Volunteers Lil Wright, Kay Shaver and Pam Miller pose in front of the photo booth for our "Lights, Camera, Appreciation" awards luncheon.

Last week, Wyoming Medical Center hosted the annual Volunteer Awards Luncheon at Three Crowns Golf Club. The theme was “Lights, camera, appreciation” because we believe our volunteers are superstars!

WMC Volunteers were honored with awards, lunch, and even made an entrance on a red carpet. We appreciate the time WMC Volunteers dedicate to help patients, families, visitors, and staff at the hospital and in our community.

WMC volunteers enhance the hospital by serving as patient escorts, chaplains, providing information, helping families with a loved one in surgery, working in the gift shop, delivering flowers or books to patients, dog therapy visits, and assisting in several other departments throughout the hospital. WMC Volunteers are seen throughout the hospital and their welcoming smiles make a difference to patients, families, staff and the community.

Proceeds from the volunteer-run gift shop and other fundraisers benefit both patients and staff through an array of projects. These the WMC Wish List which provides medical equipment and supplies to departments throughout the hospital along with the Caring Closet which provides new clothes to patients in need. The volunteers also support the hospital’s scholarship program and Benevolent Fund.

Scroll down to see some of the award recpieints and more photos from the event.

Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest award a citizen can receive for volunteering. Lifetime achievement is recognized with a special President's Call to Service Award, which honors those who complete more than 4,000 hours of service over the course of their lifetime.

Volunteers Lil Wright, Kay Shaver and Pam Miller pose in front of the photo booth for our "Lights, Camera, Appreciation" awards luncheon.

Judy Linn is the sole recipient for this year’s Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. Judy has been a volunteer at Wyoming Medical Center since 2006 and has dedicated thousands of hours as an escort and to volunteer initiatives. She initially began at the Information Desk before becoming a volunteer escort. Throughout her tenure as a WMC volunteer, she has served on the board as a Member at Large and past Historian. She also was a Chairman for the Caring Closet, dedicating countless hours restocking and purchasing new clothing to benefit patients in need.

Past President’s Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients are Joyce Bell, Edith Brekken, Carroll Bushmaker, Eileen Coughlin, Roger Cook, Betty Durnell, Marie Hill, Jack Laird, Marilyn Maher, Susie McMurry, Darlene Nix, Connie Reece, Norma Thompson, Kathy Weber and Lil Wright.

Volunteers Lil Wright, Kay Shaver and Pam Miller pose in front of the photo booth for our "Lights, Camera, Appreciation" awards luncheon.

Volunteer of the Year

Patricia Bates joined our volunteer team in 2017 and has been a dedicated volunteer since. She volunteers early hours, at 5 a.m., multiple times a week as an escort. She steps up to cover other volunteer shifts as needed and is extremely reliable. Patricia always greets others with a smile when escorting patients, families, and visitors to their destination. She volunteered 686 hours just in the last year.

Junior Volunteers of the Year

This is the first year we have honored a Junior Volunteer of the Year, and these two ladies ended up with the same number of volunteer hours.

Shaylena Dreiling has volunteered in several units throughout the hospital including the Emergency Department, Mother/Baby Department, Information Desk, and Surgical Staging Area. Shaylena has remained a loyal Junior Volunteer at WMC despite having several extracurricular activities she is involved with. She is a Senior at Kelly Walsh High School.

Madilyn Davenport is enthusiastic and always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She has volunteered in several units throughout the hospital, including the Information Desk, Emergency Department, Escort Department, Courtesy Cart, Mother/Baby Department, Surgical Staging Area, and with the Courtesy Library Cart. Madilyn is a Senior at Natrona County High School.

Volunteers Lil Wright, Kay Shaver and Pam Miller pose in front of the photo booth for our "Lights, Camera, Appreciation" awards luncheon.

Junior volunteers honored for 40 hours of service included Madilyn Davenport, Shaylena Dreiling, Hannah Glynn, Emma Graham, Jacob Heyer, Gracyn Hanson, Danielle Mohr, Jean Palmer-Roberts and Travis Smith.

Service hours and years

Volunteers were also honored for total hours of service, which ranged from 100 hours to more than 10,500. Years of service ranged from five to more than 30. Some of the recipeients included:

  • Hours of service:
    • Marilyn Maher, 5,000 hours
    • Roger Cook and Betty Durnell, 6,000 hours
    • Jack Laird, 8,000 hours
    • Susie McMurry, 8,500 hours
    • Edith Brekken, 9,000 hours
    • Joyce Bell, 10,500 hours.
  • 1 year of service: Pat Bates, Connie Davis, Ray Haydel, Christopher Kjolhede, Nancy Rauchfuss, James Shumard
  • 5 years: Sheila Kimble and Genene Quick
  • 10 years: Loretta Marvel
  • 15 years: Kathy Orr and Rey Pierce
  • 20 years: Lisa Blackman, Donna Laird and Jo Pierce
  • 34 years: Marilyn Maher


Joining our volunteer team is an easy and rewarding way to give back to your community. We offer opportunities for students 16 and older in the Junior Volunteer Program as well as for adults of all ages. For more information, contact Lisa Johnson at 577-2794 or visit our volunteer page.

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Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is volunteer coordinator at Wyoming Medical Center. Call her at (307) 577-2794 or email