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Meet our Docs: Board-certified pulmonologist Erin Crowley, MD, MSc welcomes new patients at Casper Pulmonary

By Kristy Bleizeffer Aug 17, 2020

Erin Crowley, MD, is a board-certified pulmonologist at Casper Pulmonary.

Wyoming Medical Center welcomes Erin Crowley, MD, MSc, to Casper Pulmonary. She is accepting new patients for the evaluation and treatment of lung diseases, respiratory disorders and more.

Dr. Crowley earned her medical degree at Indiana University School of Medicine and her Master’s Degree in Clinical Research from Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, both in Indianapolis, Ind. She is board certified in pulmonology, critical care, internal medicine and pediatrics.

Read more about Dr. Crowley in the interview below.

Where did you grow up, and how did you become interested in medicine?

I grew up in Northwest Indiana, right outside of Chicago. From the time that I was small, I wanted to be a doctor so I could help people. I just never really thought about doing anything else.

Do you have other doctors in your family?

No, I’m the first one.

Do you know where the idea came from?

I remember being pretty young, maybe in the Daisies in Girl Scouts. We had to fill out a sheet about what we wanted to do when we grew up, and I said, “I wanted to be able to help people or be a teacher.” My mom is a teacher, and she was like, “No, you are not going to be a teacher.” So, she said, “How about a doctor?”

I thought, “Ok, sounds good.”

Tell us about your medical training.

I went to Butler University for undergrad, and studied chemistry and anthropology. I did my medical school training at Indiana University (IU), and then did a combined internal medicine and pediatrics residency program at IU as well.

During my residency, I realized that I really liked the transition of care, so taking care of adolescents and young adults with chronic diseases of childhood who age into adult care. But I also loved the ICU and physiology and respiratory physiology, so I decided to do pulmonary/ critical care for my fellowship.

I also stayed at IU because we have a really strong cystic fibrosis program and, with wanting to do some of that transition care, I wanted to have that. IU also really has a strong critical care clinical program.

Why did you come to Casper?

I had been at my previous position since right out of fellowship. I was hired on at IU, and I mostly saw patients in the adult cystic fibrosis clinic. I also did a lot of health services research in cystic fibrosis outcomes related to social determinants of health.

Then I had my son and my worldview changed. I wanted to be able to be with him more and I re-evaluated what I was doing in my career. I realized my “why” had changed and that what brings me the most joy is seeing patients and interacting with people, more so than research.

My husband and I love mountains – camping, backpacking and doing outdoor activities. He wanted to move west and I found this opportunity at Casper Pulmonary. We looked into it and fell in love with it. It gives me more time with my son, I get to do the part of work that I very much enjoy, and we are in a community and area in which I think we really fit.

What were your impressions so far of Wyoming Medical Center and the medical community in Casper?

I was very surprised when I got here and looked around. We visited in March, right before COVID shut everything down. I got to meet a bunch of people and the medical staff seemed like a very diverse, experienced, knowledgeable group of physicians.

It just seemed like everyone here had so much pride in what they do, both Wyoming Medical Center as a hospital and Casper as a community. There is a lot of support. The hospital’s philosophy is, “We’re going to provide the best care to the people in Wyoming,” and I just thought that was really special. They don’t want patients to have to go to other places for their medical care, and they want to grow and keep people here.

What do you tell patients right now, during this pandemic, about the importance of staying in touch with their doctors and keeping on top of their chronic conditions?

I tell patients that, for the most part, most healthcare facilities are taking the proper precautions. It is important to stay in touch through either office visits or or televisits with your doctors. As far as going to a clinic or medical office, it seems like one of the safer places because we ask everyone to wear a mask and there is a lot of sanitizing between patients.

What are you most excited about your new position?

I’m most excited about being able to practice everything that I’ve learned, studied and worked hard to master. And that is treating a wide range of lung diseases while building strong relationships with patients.

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Erin Crowley MD, MSc

Dr. Crowley is board certified in pulmonology, critical care, internal medicine and pediatrics. She practices at Casper Pulmonary.