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Nephrologist Eric Sawyers, M.D., joins Wyoming Nephrology in Casper

By Kristy Bleizeffer Nov 29, 2016

Wyoming Medical Center welcomes nephrologist Eric Sawyers, M.D., to Wyoming Nephrology in Casper.

Dr. Sawyers was born in Manhattan, Kan., but his father was in the Navy and the family moved around the world.

After his father retired, he moved the family back to Manhattan, but Dr. Sawyers did not want to stay there after high school. So, he joined the Navy.

He attended the United States Naval Academy and was one of 10 students selected to attend medical school upon graduation. He was eventually selected to serve as the Congressional Nephrologist working with the Office of Attending Physician of Congress. He provided medical care to more than 16 United States Senators and 75 Congressmen on 15 separate missions to 65 countries, including missions to North Korea, Libya and four different war zones. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, he performed the first combat dialysis since the Vietnam War.

“In my time working for the Office of the Attending Physician of Congress, I was lucky enough to have traveled to 92 different countries around the world. I have been everywhere from the Arctic Circle, to the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa. I have been in Tiananmen Square, Red Square, Tarhih Square, and even Pyongyang in North Korea,” he said. “I even had the opportunity to have dinner with the President of China and met Muammar Gaddafi in his ‘desert Bedouin compound’ which was a just Barnum & Bailey-style tent in the middle of the desert.”

Dr. Sawyers is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology.

After retiring from 29 years in the Navy, he chose Casper for its balance between small town quality of life and high-end medical services.

“I was looking at several different locations, but I was amazed at the capabilities that were available here. I have been in major metropolitan areas on the coasts my entire career — nowhere with less than 3 million people. Wyoming Medical Center provides as many or more services than the typical medical centers that I have experienced in either the military and when moonlighting in civilian hospitals in major metropolitan centers,” he said. “I can provide the same medical care offered in a big city medical center and still live in a friendly small town community only eight miles from a mountain with outstanding of recreational activities. It seemed the best of both worlds.”

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