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Three reasons you need a health and wellness coach

By Amanda Schulte Beyeler Apr 1, 2017

Memberships to the NERD Health and Wellness Center include consultations with exercise physiologists, health and wellness coaches and other professionals to help you meet your personal health goals.

A health and wellness coach can help you improve your overall well-being by helping you set goals, keep you accountable and offer support and encouragement.

They help you optimize your wellness beyond just diet and exercise, but also help you deal with stress and emotional wellbeing. Coaching encourages people to move from being a passive participant of the health care system, to taking charge of their own health.

Here are three reasons you may need a health and wellness coach.

1. You’ve failed previous attempts at getting healthier.

While many people know they need to eat less, move more and limit stress, it’s hard advice to put into action. A health and wellness coach can help you set realistic, attainable goals regarding not only fitness and nutrition, but also managing stress, relationships and positivity and then help keep you accountable while offering unconditional support.

2. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for you.

A health and wellness coach can assist you in identifying strengths and recognize barriers that have limited past successes. Maybe 30 minutes of gym time doesn’t fit into your schedule or you hate salads. Together, you’ll come up with the easiest changes you can make towards better health.

3. You need encouragement to create the life you want.

Many times our individual attempts at improving our health have failed. We have a hard time seeing growth when we fall short of our goals. A health coach can help empower you to take charge of your own health.

The NERD Health and Wellness Center offers individual coaching packages as well as group coaching options. Health and wellness coaching is also included in our community memberships, along with access to our fitness center, and a nutrition and exercise consultation.

Amanda Schulte Beyeler

Amanda Schulte Beyeler is a registered nurse and a health and wellness coach at the NERD Health and Wellness Center. She enjoys listening to NPR, exploring new books in the nonfiction section of the library, and spending time with her husband, Andrew, and their two daughters.