Throwback Thursday: 'Emergency medical… - Wyoming Medical Center

Throwback Thursday: 'Emergency medical service gains momentum' - Casper Star-Tribune, April 1981

By Kristy Bleizeffer Apr 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday is a series celebrating Wyoming Medical Center’s long and rich history in Natrona County. Special thanks to the Casper College Western History Center which archives the vast Wyoming Medical Center collection of newspaper articles, photographs and other memorabilia.

Casper Star-Tribune, April 1981

Casper Star-Tribune, April 1981

Call 911 and you assume help is coming. It's hard to believe that emergency medical help wasn't always a phone call away.

In April 1981, the Casper Star-Tribune took a look at Casper's emergency medical service - 15 years after it started. That means, in 1966, life-saving treatments didn't begin until a patient arrived at the hospital.

"Today emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are taking the emergency room to the streets," the article reads. "Even as recently as 2 1/2 years ago, ambulance attendants did little more than transport the injured to the hospital emergency room after administering the most basic emergency services."

In 2015, ambulances are essentially mobile emergency rooms. Our paramedics and EMTs are trained to provide life-saving care even before you get to the hospital. In cases of heart attack, you have a better chance of survival, no matter how close you live to the hospital, if you call 911 and let our EMS come to you. Here, Dr. Adrian Fluture explains why.

Paramedics and EMTs are medical professionals, as much a part of protecting community health as any doctor or nurse. Read how a former WMC paramedic developed an EMS protocol for a Casper boy with a rare disease. Or, click to learn about the training required to become an EMT or a paramedic.

The whole Tribune article is worth the read. Just click on the photo below to enlarge it. And, while reading, be thankful emergency medical service remains a phone call away.

Casper Star-Tribune, April, 1981. Click to enlarge.

Casper Star-Tribune, April, 1981. Click to enlarge.