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Throwback Thursday: Employee Spotlight - David Shutts, December 2001 (Updated)

By Kristy Bleizeffer Dec 12, 2019

David Shutts, financial counselor, at his desk in 2001 and at his desk in 2019.

In December 2001, Wyoming Medical Center's employee newsletter, "Highlights," featured financial counselor David Shutts in its monthly Employee Spotlight. We decided to track David down for an update.

We found him exactly one floor down.

Below is David's original spotlight, with his updates highlighted throughout.

'Shutts' family tree has deep Casper roots,' December 2001

"I look forward to spending time with my kids more than anything."

And David Shutts, financial counselor in Patient Accounts, spends time not only with his own children, Sara, a sixth-grader at Manor Heights and Drew, a ninth grader at Dean Morgan Junior High, but also with other kids as coach for the last eight years with the Youth Soccer League and also coaching Basketball at Manor Heights.

"I love working with all the kids," he said, "and I like being involved with my kids' schools. I have read most of the text books Sara and Drew have had as they've progressed thorugh school."

Update: Sara is now Sara Johnson and she is a nurse with Natrona County School District. She and her husband have a 15-month-old daughter, Crew.

Drew is an oil and gas man in Casper, his girlfriend is an attorney. "No kids but two dogs," David said.

Involement with his immediate family which includes his wife, Perri, and their children comes naturally as a Shutts family member. His parents, the late Bill and Mary Shutts, had 11 children (six boys and five girls) all of whom, with the exception of one sister in Denver, still live in Casper where they were born and grew up. The next generation includes 18 cousins.

Update: "Still got 11 siblings. My sister and brother live in Denver, but now we have lots of great nieces and nephews," David said. "We still do tons of stuff as a family. It’s easy because most of us live here in town. We watch Broncos games on Sundays together and there’s 20 of us and a lot food."

David, who has been with Patient Accounts for 11 years, is not the only Shutts family member working at Wyoming Medical Center. His sister, Maggie Browning, is a Recovery Room nurse.

Update: In January, David will have been with Wyoming Medical Center for 30 years. He is a certified patient financial counselor in Patient Financial Services.

In 2001, David's department was located in the old Schlotzsky's building in front of the hospital. "We started in Support Services, which was the old Public Health Building. Then we went to Schlotzsky's and then we moved here (the first floor of the Conwell Building.) Schlotzsky's was nice because it had a drive-through window, and single moms and elderly patients in bad weather loved it because they could make their payments without every getting out of their cars. It was a nice feature."

The connections don't stop there. Not only is Don Claunch, Director of the Business Office, his boss, but Don's brother, David Browing is Maggie's husband. "Don and I are sort of related," said David.

Furthermore, Don's sister-in-law, Carla Dundas, now lives in the former Shutts family home on Oakcrest, a large house which was expanded with two additions to include seven bedrooms and three bathrooms to accommodate all the Shutts children.

Update: "I'm still related to Don Claunch (now retired) ... Lora's parents still live in the house I grew up in, and my brother lives right next door to them!"

David and his siblings all went to St. Anthony's school, Dean Morgan Junior High and graduated from Natrona County High School.

"In my grade school days, chewing gum at St. Anthony's would get you five swats with a paddle from the nuns," he recalled.

Update: "Yep. Five swats at St. Anthony's for chewing gum."

His mother, whose maiden name was Davison (more relatives), was also born and raised in Casper and his father came here as a young man. Bill Shutts owned KVOC radio and was one of the early broadcasters in Casper. The radio station was located on the corner of Wolcott and College Drive, and his dad traveled with the Casper College teams to broadcast the games.

Update: David has 52 first cousins. "My dad's brother lives in Kentucky, and they had 13 kids. My mom's brother lived in Casper and he had 12. My mom's other brother had 12 and my mom's sister had the rest. There are a ton of Davisons in town and they're all related."

In his own job, David said he finds each day as a financial counselor – helping families and individuals deal with their bills – to be "extremely challenging and rewarding." But his family and his enthusiasm in working with kids helps keep things in perspective.

The Shutts family is "really close and we do lots of things together," he said.

Christmas will find 36 family members gathered at the Browning home and attending church together at St. Anthony's. The Christmas menu will include not only turkey, but "chili, hot dogs and hamburgers as part of a relaxing and fun day for the family," David said.

Update: "At Christmas, we get together, and there will be anywhere between 55 and 60 of us. It is so much fun. It’s a blast. And we still meet at Maggie's house."

For David, Maggie and all the Shutts family, immediate and extended, that is what it's all about.

Update: What has kept him at Wyoming Medical Center for 30 years?

"The people. Co-workers and customers," David said. "I've stood up for the hospital and been a big advocate for Wyoming Medical Center for many years, and I enjoy doing what I do. When you come to work, and you have all these great people around you, why not?"

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