Volunteers give $10,000 worth of equipment to hospital departments

By Lisa Johnson Jun 5, 2018

WMC volunteers delivered Masimo Set Pulse Co-Oximeter Adult and Child Probes to the Emergency Department as part of the Wish List Project.

Since 2011, Wyoming Medical Center Volunteers have given thousands of dollars worth of donations to hospital departments through their Wish List Project.

Each year, hospital departments have the chance to request specialzied equipment from the volunteers' Wish List Committee — items that are not purchased through the department's regular budget. The committee reviews these requests and purchases the equipment based on which items will directly improve patient satisfaction, safety, and quality of care.

Volunteers then deliver the equipment to the hospital departments. 

This year, the Wish List Committee provided the following:

  • New EKG machine for Pre-hospitalization
  • Bariatric Scale for the Intensive Care Unit
  • Bariatric Scale for the Medical Unit
  • Portable Oximeter for the Medical Unit
  • Six isolette hangers for the Medical Unit
  • Masimo Set Pulse Co-Oximeter Adult and Child Probes for the Emergency Department
  • Two dozen car seats for Safe Kids of Central Wyoming
  • Four dozen small stuffed animals for the Acute Therapy Unit
  • Two Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis devices for the Acute Therapy Unit
  • Three transfer benches for the Acute Therapy Unit

“It is a joy to add to patient satisfaction and to add to the excellent care provided by the staff through items purchased by the Wish List Project,” said Kay Patchen, WMC volunteer and Wish List Committee chair.

The Wish List Project provides $10,000 in hospital equipment each year. Money is raised through the volunteers' Cottage Gift Shop, fundraising events and dues paid by the volunteers themselves. Volunteers also support several other vital programs for this hospital throughout the year.

Wyoming Medical Center volunteers have worked for the past 65 years donating their time and talents to benefit our patients, staff and community. We are alway looking for more volunteers to joing our dedicated team. 

Volunteers delivered a bariatric scale to the Intensive Care Unit.
Prehospitalization was granted a new EKG machine.
The Medicul Unit was granted a bariatric scale, six isolette hangers and a portable oximeter from WMC volunteers' Wish List Project.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is volunteer coordinator at Wyoming Medical Center. Call her at (307) 577-2794 or email