Who crocheted these adorable baby caps? - Wyoming Medical Center

Who crocheted these adorable baby caps?

By The Pulse Nov 15, 2013


Do you know who crocheted these baby caps for Wyoming Medical Center's The Birth Place. We think they are the epitome of cuteness and want to thank the anonymous crafter.

Wyoming Medical Center needs your help!

Someone recently dropped off this festive pile of baby caps at our volunteer desk, and we’d like to know who.

“They are so adorable, we want to be able to say, ‘Thank you,’” said Monica Schulte, a registered nurse at The Birth Place.

The crocheted caps will help us ring in the holidays. The turkey cap will be given to the first Thanksgiving baby born in The Birth Place. The Christmas caps – including a gingerbread man, a snowman, a Santa cap and others – will be given to our holiday babies. We hope to get photographs of the babies modeling their caps, so stay tuned for the cuteness.

In the meantime, if you are the anonymous crocheter (or if you think you might know who is,) please let us know. The nurses at The Birth Place want to thank you personally.

“We love them. They are so creative, and I know our patients are going to be excited to get them,” said Jennifer Parmely, a registered nurse.

Think you know the crocheter? Tell us on Facebook, comment on this post or email The Pulse editor Kristy Bleizeffer at kbleizeffer@wyomingmedicalcenter.org.