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With virtual appointments, your doctor is a phone call away

By Kristy Bleizeffer Aug 28, 2020

Now, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, protecting your overall health is as important as ever. That means staying in touch with your doctor or healthcare provider.

All Wyoming Health Medical Group providers are now able to make virtual appointments with their patients through TeleMed Wyoming. That means you can talk to your provider about your medications, new symptoms or other health concerns through the video technology of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Virtual appointments are also available for new patients.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the ability to access health care remotely through the video streaming and information sharing capabilities of your mobile devices and computers. A virtual appointment puts you face-to-face with your physician or provider through teleconferencing technology, without having to step inside the physician’s office.

What can you do through a virtual appointment?

  • Establish care with a new physician or provider
  • Manage your medications and fill prescriptions
  • Talk to your doctor about resent lab or test results
  • Ask questions about new symptoms or manage your chronic health condition such as diabetes or COPD
  • Follow-up with your doctor after a recent procedure or hospital stay
  • Be referred to a specialist or another level of care
  • And much more

Who can set a virtual appointment?

Virtual appointments are now available to all patients and new patients of Wyoming Health Medical Group clinics. During this time of social distancing and staying home when we can, virtual appointments are safer for our community, protect critical healthcare workers and give patients access to essential health services.

Schedule a virtual appointment by calling your physician’s office.

  • Casper Pulmonary, (307) 577-0477
  • Cole Creek Primary Care, (307) 473-6768
  • Mesa Primary Care, (307) 234-6765
  • Sage Primary Care, (307) 265-8300
  • Wyoming Endocrine and Diabetes, (307) 577-2592
  • Wyoming Nephrology, (307) 237-5047
  • Wyoming Neurosurgery and Spine, (307) 266-4000
  • Wyoming Arthritis and Rheumatology, (307) 233-0286
  • Wyoming Pain Center, (307) 266-4000

How much does a virtual appointment cost?

The cost and the insurance coverage (for most payors) is the same as an in person visit.

Will I still be able to see my doctor in person?

Please call your physician’s office about your specific circumstances, and follow their medical advice.