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Wyoming Medical Center Board of Directors announces new president and CEO

By Kristy Bleizeffer Jun 13, 2017

The Wyoming Medical Center Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Michele Chulick, M.B.A., as the hospital’s new president and CEO.

Chulick will begin on July 17, but will spend the first couple of weeks meeting with staff, learning Wyoming Medical Center culture and policy, and transitioning into the position. Current president and CEO, Vickie Diamond, will retain her duties until her retirement on Aug. 1.

Most recently, Chulick was president of CHST Ventures, a division of Children's Health System of Texas. CHST is a healthcare system with 616 beds and more than 950,000 patients per year.

“Ms. Chulick has a background in the development and management of joint ventures, including with not-for-profit organizations, affiliations and network expansion; and she has extensive experience in business development and technological innovation, including the implementation of virtual health and telemedicine,” said Edith Selby, vice chairwoman of the WMC Board of Directors.

“She will fit in well here. She is a leader, a collaborator and she has the experience to lead Wyoming Medical Center into its next phase of growth.”

Michele Chulick, M.B.A., B.S.N.

  • Masters of Business Administration in finance from Wayne State University; Detroit, Mich.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Duke University; Durham, N.C.

Michele Chulick has worked in health care since 1979. She has extensive operational experience in reducing costs, improving productivity, increasing patient satisfaction and improving patient outcomes. She is an effective leader who drives strategic plan implementations focused on quality, innovation, growth and expansion.

Chulick has worked as a nurse, a consultant and an administrator in both hospital and academic environments.

Most recently, Chulick was president of the Ventures Division of Children’s Health System of Texas where she oversaw the development and management of affiliations, business ventures, technological investments and networks of care for the system’s expansion. She developed and executed a strategic plan that focused on population health and moving from a cost structure based on patient volume to one based on value of care.