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Banner Wyoming Medical Center Receives ACE Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence

Jun 7, 2021

Our award-winning heart team includes members from several hospital departments including paramedics and first responders, ER nurses and physicians, Cardiac Cath Lab nurses and invasive specialists, and expert cardiologists.

Banner Wyoming Medical Center is proud to announce that our Cath Lab has been accredited for percutaneous coronary intervention by Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence, an organization dedicated to ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards for cardiovascular and endovascular care. Ours is the only Cath Lab to earn the accreditation in the state of Wyoming.

"The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Banner Wyoming Medical Center has worked constantly for years at improving quality of care for the patients it serves. Our efforts have been recognized and we have received yearly the highest awards from ACC’s main registries," said Adrian Fluture, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Director of Cathlab and Regional Cardiac Care at Banner Wyoming Medical Center. "As a natural continuation of our efforts, we have further improved our processes so we could qualify for the ACE accreditation. Only the best hospitals in our country obtain this recognition, and we are extremely happy to be among them. I am very grateful for the hard work of everybody who has been involved in this important process."

ACE accreditation is a professional review of an organization’s structure, internal processes, patient safety practices, and clinical outcomes to determine if it meets the standards established by experts in cardiac and endovascular care.

“By seeking ACE percutaneous coronary intervention accreditation, Wyoming Medical Center has shown that it has an uncompromising commitment to provide safe, high-quality care,” said ACE Chief Medical Officer Bonnie Weiner, M.D. “The willingness to be evaluated against nationally-accepted gold standard practices demonstrates a desire to meet the highest quality standards set by experts in cardiac and endovascular care.”

ACE is committed to helping facilities that deliver interventional cardiovascular care to provide gold-standard healthcare by measuring the facility’s practices, personnel, processes and outcomes against nationally-accepted best-practice standards. Implemented to supplement existing quality-improvement programs, the ACE outcomes-based accreditation promotes uniform benchmarks, and improves appropriate utilization via an independent, third-party evaluation of facilities and practices.

The ACE evaluation process involves an in-depth independent review of personnel, quality-assurance processes, facility equipment, and outcomes information. All data collected is measured against nationally-accepted standards for the highest-quality cardiovascular care. Facilities who undergo this voluntary and rigorous process demonstrate an exceptional commitment to providing the best possible care to patients.

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Adrian Fluture M.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I.

Dr. Fluture is a cardiologist at Wyoming Cardiopulmonary. He is Director of Regional Myocardial Infarction Care at Wyoming Medical Center.