Interventional Radiology Suite

The Wyoming Medical Center Foundation has launched a two-year, $3 million capital campaign to build and equip a new Interventional Radiology Suite.

With new equipment and additional patient rooms, Wyoming Medical Center will revolutionize treatment and healing of patients suffering from stroke, specific cancers, trauma, cardiovascular conditions and other life-threatening situations.

The suite will complement the new bi-plane fluoroscopy equipment that has been purchased by Wyoming Medical Center. Biplane imaging is a digital x-ray machine with two rotating cameras that can move side-to-side and front-to-back to produce the most detailed 3D images currently available to physicians. These detailed images of soft tissue and blood vessels allow physicians to pinpoint illness or injury and create a precise plan of treatment.The foundation is raising money to purchase a new CT scanner, build new patient rooms and support areas. The CT and fluoroscopy unit will be in adjacent rooms for quicker access and communication. The new technology will provide high resolution images and aid physicians in advanced life-saving procedures.

During a stroke, we lose 1.9 million brain cells a minute. Time is brain which means the faster we can restore blood flow to the brain, the more likely a person is to have a good recovery after a stroke." — David B. Wheeler, MD, PhD, Medical Director of WMC's Primary Stroke Center

When it comes to stroke, time is of the essense. Ischemic stroke, the most common form, is caused when a blood clot or occlusion plugs an artery that supplies blood to the brain. The longer the stroke continues, the more brain cells will die and the more severe the effects will be. The new interventional radiology suite will expand WMC’s ability to perform mechanical thrombectomy (pulling a blood clot from the brain with a stent retriever) on patients from across Wyoming. WMC is currently the only hospital in the state with this capability.

The new suite will equip WMCs interventional radiologists and other physicians with the latest, most advanced technology to target cancerous tumors inside the body with pin-point precision and minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. Interventional radiologists specialize in using real-time imaging to perform minimally-invasive treatments of cancers, aneurysms and other diseases.

Despite the age of equipment currently in use, our physicians are performing advanced procedures and the depth of our team allows for 24/7 coverage.

Completion of the Interventional Radiology Suite will afford our patients with the same skilled providers, but will place the most advanced technology available in their hands. The build-out of the suite will allow for greater continuity of care and improve patient outcomes.

People in every corner of the state will have access to some of the most advanced equipment available and a world class medical team the likes of which can only be found in much larger academic medical centers.

Does Wyoming need this? The answer is “no” until you’re the patient. If you or a family member is in a car wreck, if you’re the one who has cancer or if you’re the one with a blocked off artery and needs to be treated or is having a stroke – you’re going to be awfully thankful we have it right here.”

— Eric Cubin, MD, General & Interventional Radiology