Mission & Values

Our Mission

Wyoming Medical Center advances the health and wellness of our region and community by providing excellent healthcare services and exceptional experience at reasonable costs. Our highly skilled integrated and engaged team ensures you are well cared for by WMC. 

Our Vision

Wyoming Medical Center seeks to transform the lives of those we serve by fostering the highest level of health and wellness in our community and across our region and state. To fulfill our vision, WMC will provide an inclusionary environment that:

  • Provides Wyoming’s premier healthcare services and the best patient experience tailored to individual need using innovation.
  • Embraces the whole person and their family through the lifecycle of healthcare, including partnering with community and regional providers.
  • Creates a culture of pride that attends to the health and wellness of our staff. Promotes teamwork and instills a culture of pride that allows staff to reach their potential.
  • Fosters innovation. 

Our Values

Every member of our staff plays a defining role in how the coming changes in healthcare will shape the health of our community. Our values are:


  1. See Beyond the Horizon — We are an energy-infused organization. We are visionary, we believe in dreams, possibilities and a bright future. We seek new opportunities and innovative solutions. We embrace change, are open to new ideas and are willing to try new things.
  2. Every Person is Important — We recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence and positive leadership. We demonstrate this by seeing our patients and families as whole people whom we serve by providing exemplary physical, emotional and spiritual care. We balance high quality service to our patients by fostering a work environment where everyone is valued and where we seek to encourage everyone’s ideas and opinions. We value the contributions of all by blending the skills of individual staff members in unsurpassed collaboration.
  3. Care, Compassion and Respect — We foster a healing environment that inspires hope and wellbeing by treating both the patient and their family members with care, compassion sensitivity and respect.
  4. Our Community — We will work to strengthen our relationship with our entire community to enhance and transform lives through health and wellness that reflect our tradition of a caring community. It will be necessary for us to choose a role that is appropriate for us; at times we will lead and drive a project; at other times it will be necessary to inspire the involvement of others.
  5. We Are All Leaders and Team Builders — We encourage one another to exceed our potential and to inspire hope and trust among patients, their families and colleagues alike. Each of us has opportunities to provide the best possible care, to make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of those we touch. We value the contributions of all. We balance high quality service to our patients by cultivating an inclusionary environment where everyone belongs on a team and where ideas, opinions and contributions are appreciated. We encourage cross-functional dialogue and collaboration, the sharing of skills and knowledge among staff members for unsurpassed teamwork and collaboration.
  6. We Deliver — We provide the best outcomes and highest quality of services through the dedicated effort of every team member. We deliver on our commitments and accept responsibility for our team’s actions and decisions. We conduct business with the highest level of transparency, integrity and ethical standards. We are strong stewards, treating all the resources entrusted with respect.
  7. Innovation — We encourage WMC’s medical staff and employees to reexamine underdeveloped opportunities in areas of data analysis, consumer behavior, provider incentives and process improvement in care delivery. We must add value to our consumers by improving health outcomes, creating a culture that promotes process improvement and organizes care around the consumer’s needs and behaviors. We need to move care delivery so we are meeting consumers where they desire to receive care and educate our communities and region about healthy choices and behaviors.
  8. Responsible Financial Stewardship — We are committed to strategically plan for our future while wisely managing the resources entrusted to us. We are responsible to make prudent financial decisions and operate with financial discipline to ensure the financial success of Wyoming Medical Center. Every decision, every day is essential to our financial future.