Dr. Anca Voinov is a board-certified family practice physician at Sage Primary Care. She has two medical degrees and has completed research in viral culture techniques. She was awarded the Biopsychosocial Model and Family-Centered Care Award and the McLaren Family Practice Residency Program’s Employee of the Year Award.

She was born in Romania and immigrated to Canada at age 10 to flee the Communist regime. She returned to Romania as a young woman to attend medical school but, after graduation, she took a 17-year break to raise her three children.

She chose family medicine because it offered the greatest variety, caring for patients of all ages.

Sage is a patient-centered medical home, meaning patients are involved in every step of their care. It takes a team approach to health care, a model that Dr. Voinov appreciates. She loves forming relationships with her patients and helping them make positive changes in their lives. Education and prevention are the cornerstones of her practice.

“As doctors we were really taught to have a lot of control. Now, we have to work as a team to provide for the patient’s best care,” she said. “Patients do so much better when we work together. This is the new model of patient-centered health care.”