Need a doctor?

Call (888) WYO-DOCS

With more than 300 providers on Wyoming Medical Center’s medical staff working in nearly 60 medical specialties, Wyoming patients and families have access to high-quality, specialized medical care that rivals the service available in big cities or at large university hospitals.

From neurosurgery, to cardiac surgery, to pediatrics to oncology, the expansiveness of service available at Wyoming Medical Center and in Casper is unique for a community this size. There is no need to travel across state for exceptional health care. It is available right here, close to where you live and work.

Navigating that expansive network, however, can be confusing and time consuming for people who do not work in health care.

That’s why we are introducing our new hotline, (888) WYO-DOCS. This 24-hour telephone hotline connects callers with a physician who best meets their needs. Whether looking for primary care or specialized care of the lungs, heart, joints and more, callers can navigate Casper’s expansive medical services with the help of trained professionals on the other end of the line.

A full list of our medical staff is also available here.

Although Wyoming Medical Center is the state’s largest hospital and tertiary referral center, we recognize good patient care does not begin and end at the hospital doors. Our mission is to advance the health of those we serve, and that means providing proactive care at all stages of life.