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Day in the (hospital) life: Valet Guest Services

By Mandy Cepeda Jul 9, 2015

As all attendants do, Summer Eddy (Recipient of WMC Excellence Award for Service) greets visitors and patients with a smile and helping hand.

On Sept. 20, a valet attendant had just parked a car across the street from Emergency Room entrance. As he walked back to his post, he wondered if he had turned off the car lights. He turned around to double check when a speeding car crashed into the monument sign outside Wyoming Medical Center -- the same spot on which he had just changed directions.

He ran to the car and pulled the door open. Not trained in medical triage, he sprinted back to the ER to alert medical staff to the crash. Our emergency responders swarmed the crash to assist the passengers. (Read more about our response to that crash here.) He thinks double checking to see if he shut off the car lights saved his life that night.

“It’s not really about the cars. It’s about caring,” says Jonathan Brady, valet service manager.

Yes, valet attendants park and retrieve cars. But they do a lot more in service to our patients and visitors. When people arrive at the Emergency entrance or the McMurry West Tower, a valet attendant will greet them and, if needed, help them out of their vehicles. This is generally where people think the valet job ends. But our attendants do much more to assist our guests, whether they are patients or visitors.

“I was able to help a visitor find the room of a friend. When she learned her friend had passed away, I stayed with her and was able to comfort her,” said valet attendant Whitni Hiser. “Sometimes when people are waiting for a ride, they just want to talk. It makes them feel better.”

When patients arrive for procedures, valet attendants can check them into the hospital and direct them to the appropriate floors for their care. Check in is also handled through patient registration and at the concierge desk next to the valet podium on the first floor in the West Tower.

Once checked in, a patient may need help finding their way around the hospital. If a volunteer is not available, our attendants will escort patients or visitors to the appropriate room or department.

As all attendants do, Summer Eddy (Recipient of WMC Excellence Award for Service) greets visitors and patients with a smile and helping hand.

For many patients and visitors, a valet attendant is the first and last person they will see at Wyoming Medical Center. It’s important to have a cheerful, helpful person greeting people as they come and go. And we believe we have that with our outstanding valet attendants!

Please note: Valet attendants cannot help people out of their vehicles if they are bleeding, have a broken bone that hurts to be moved, or have head, back or neck injuries. They will retrieve trained medical staff in these cases.