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How to make an entrance: Fifth Reynolds son doesn't wait for a delivery room

By Kristy Bleizeffer Dec 12, 2014

Steven and Courtney Reynolds of Casper hold their newborn son, yet unnamed, Thursday afternoon.

Steven and Courtney Reynolds of Casper hold their newborn son Thursday afternoon in our new Ruth R Ellbogen Family, Mother and Baby Center. All four of their previous sons were born at WMC, and they would have liked to have compared the delivery rooms in our new tower with those in the old. But they didn't get the chance. Their fifth son was born in their Suburban on the way to the hospital.

In the last five years, Courtney and Steven Reynolds have carried four sons out of Wyoming Medical Center after healthy, uneventful births. On Thursday, they carried their fifth son in. Courtney, 30, delivered her newest son, still unnamed, in the front seat of their Suburban at about 8:05 a.m. on their way to the hospital, 2 hours and 20 minutes after her first contraction.

“That’s one thing my wife has always been good at: making babies. We’ve got five boys, and they’re all healthy,” said Steven, 33.

The contractions started about 5:45 a.m. Thursday. Ok, Courtney thought. A few hours at least. She got up, made some last minute preparations and called her family to come watch her other boys – ages 5, 4, 2 and 14 months. She let her husband sleep.

Watch: K2TV's Xavier Walton interviewed in the Reynolds at Wyoming Medical Center.

In retrospect, she probably should have known better. Her last boy was born on the hospital bed moments after the doctor broke her water and walked out of the room. The boy before that was born 20 minutes after she arrived at the hospital. Still, 2 hours and 20 minutes? Who expects a baby so fast?

She woke Steven at about 7:30 a.m. He took the boys’ car seats out of the family’s Suburban and prepared a quick breakfast. About then, Courtney stepped out of the shower: “I don’t think we’re going to make it,” she said.

Steven could tell the contractions were close. In between, he tried to get her to the car, putting on her shoes, helping her with her coat. He sped down back roads the two or three miles to the hospital to avoid morning traffic.

“The whole time, she was having contractions and screaming,” Steven said. “I just told her, ‘We’re going to get there. It will be alright.’”

Near Highland Park Cemetery, just a few blocks from our front entrance, Courtney’s contractions turned into one long one. She fought the urge to push, but could feel the baby’s head pushing through. She took off her seatbelt, stood up and pulled down her pants. Steven thought she was just trying to get more comfortable.

“What are we going to do? What are we going to do?” Courtney yelled.

Steven looked over and saw a baby.

With the same full head of hair as his brothers, the newest Reynolds boy rests in his mothers arms on Thursday.

With the same full head of hair as his brothers, the newest Reynolds boy rests in his mothers arms on Thursday.

He pulled over, with legs shaking from adrenaline, took off his sweatshirt and wrapped his baby inside. He managed a peek at the sex before racing to the hospital: His fifth boy. In the hospital lobby, he yelled: My wife! She had a baby in the car!

“The greeter just kind of looked at me dumbfounded. The valet driver was like, what do you want me to do?” Steven said. In the hustle, he hadn’t pulled in to the emergency entrance, but to Wyoming Medical Center’s front door at the McMurry West Tower.

As Steven asked for help, Courtney’s mom and sister walked down the main staircase from the second floor. Did she have the baby yet, they asked Steven – as a joke.

Yes! He yelled and raced back outside.

A doctor clamped and cut the cord in the Suburban, and Courtney was loaded into a wheel chair. The lobby erupted into applause as she was wheeled in. Their healthy boy weighed 8 pounds, 6.5 ounces.

The Reynolds haven’t yet decided on a name. She doesn’t like his first choice (Peter) and he doesn’t like hers (Josiah.) They’re flirting with Jonah, but haven’t yet put on the final stamp. Neither have they decided whether or not this will be their last child. Courtney would like a little girl, but Steven’s happy with a brood of all boys.

“They’re easy. Buzz cut their hair and they are ready to go. They’ve probably already broken anything in our house that’s breakable, so …,” he said, then added: “Once you have five kids, one more doesn’t really make a difference.”