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#IAmWMC: Terry Jensen, environmental service tech

By Kristy Bleizeffer Jan 15, 2018

Terry Jensen once made a goal to be the longest term employee to have ever worked at Wyoming Medical Center.

After more than 40 years – working 22 years in Sterile Processing, a couple more as an ER Tech, and the last 20 years in housekeeping – he admits that he has slowed down some.

“I’ve set a goal for myself of making it 50 years,” said Jensen, an environmental services tech in our Emergency Department. “The ER is kind of like my family, since I’ve worked there so long. I like the camaraderie everyone has for each other.”

His department is the first line of defense in preventing the spread of illness inside the hospital. He likes his work best when the pace is steady: When he has time to double check the list and make certain the ER room are sterile for the next patient. He also likes when he get patients a warm blanket, or fetch a glass of water or a cup of coffee (with doctor’s or nurse’s permission.) If visitors seem lost, he enjoys leading them where they need to go.

“We’re all spokes inside a wheel, and all of us have a job to do. We’re all important in one way or another,” he said. “If one of the spokes is somehow broken, in can cause chaos down the line. When we all work together, it’s a real good operation.”