'My Choices': Free booklet helps you plan your advance directives for medical care

By Kristy Bleizeffer Apr 14, 2014

Pages from Advanced_Directive_Booklet_8-2014_FinalWho will make decisions about your care should you become seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself? What kind of medical care would you want if you were too ill or hurt to express your wishes?

Advances in medicine and technology make it possible to keep patients alive indefinitely, even though there may be little or no hope of recovery. Planning ahead for the care you would want in critical situations is vital. You can make advance directives through informal discussions with your family and/or legal documentation.

Wyoming Medical Center provides more information on advance directives in the “My Choices” booklet. It includes the following documents to help you communicate your decisions:

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Living Will
  • Comfort One©/Do Not Resuscitate Orders 

Click here for a PDF of our “My Choices” booklet, or learn more at our website. You can also print out these advance directive documents for your medical record.

“My Choices” is provided free of charge. Please make sure that your family, physician and hospital have a copy of your advance directive to ensure your wishes are carried out. Planning in advance helps ensure that your healthcare decisions are honored and it protects your family from having to make difficult decisions when you are unable to.

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