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National Volunteer Week: Wyoming Medical Center celebrates volunteers who make a difference

Apr 20, 2021

This group photo of our blue-vested volunteers was taken at the volunteers' annual meeting in 2019.

This week is National Volunteer Week, and we have some very special people to recognize for their unflinching dedication to this hospital.

Wyoming Medical Center has more than 100 volunteers, but the pandemic has meant many weren’t able to come to the hospital for many months for their own protection. About 30 have resumed volunteer duties, and we welcome more back into the hospital each week.

The hospital's volunteer program is unique. Not only do our volunteers donate their time, but proceeds from the volunteer-run gift shop and other yearly fund-raisers raise money to benefit both hospital staff and patients. Volunteers fund the WMC Wish List, which provides medical equipment and supplies to departments throughout the hospital, and support the hospital's scholarship program and Benevolent Fund. WMC volunteers enhance the hospital by serving as patient escorts, chaplains, providing information, helping families with a loved one in surgery, working in the gift shop, delivering flowers or books to patients, dog therapy visits, and assisting in several other departments.

Thank you to all WMC volunteers who have contributed your time and talent to WMC staff, patients and families. Every hour you give makes a difference!

The 2020 Volunteer Service Award winners are listed below.


Certificates are given to volunteers who reach hourly and yearly milestones. The official WMC Award Pin is provided at 500 hours and service bar pins are awarded every 500 hours after.

Congratulations to the following volunteers who have met these major milestones!

  • 40 Hours (Junior Volunteers): Cassidy Madrid and Riley Ullery
  • 100 Hours: Donna Culbertson
  • 300 Hours: Judy Berst, Christine Casterline, Nancy Dingman, Joelle Eisele, Christine Reed and Madilyn Davenport
  • 500 Hours: Wanda Bennett, Gail Bowman, Carol Eggemeyer, Jackie Greenlee and Mike Monterastelli
  • 1000 Hours: Nancy Rauchfuss, Nacoal Schad and Janet Holden
  • 2000 Hours: Pat Bates, Carol Boe and Patty Sanford
  • 2500 Hours: Dorothea Baxter and Michael Brelsford
  • 3000 Hours: Evelyn McDaniel

Years of service

  • One year of service: Kathy Christenson, Jessica Davis, Lauren DeGaugh, Rachel DeGaugh, Bonnie Gilbertson, Matt Grant, Judy Griffin, Jody Hagen, Jerry Harris, Gail Kennah, Sandra Meteri, Jo Ann Neal, Jack Olson, Carol Sage, Nina Venjohn, Diane Way and Lynn Williamson
  • 5 years: Christine Cline, Leigh Earle, Judy Gillum, Arlis Handeland, Rey Pierce, Sharon Sword and DeeAnn Zapalac
  • 10 years: Jackie Greenlee
  • 20 years: John Hilde, Kathy Hendrickson and Jack Laird