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She just couldn't wait: WMC welcomes the 2015 New Year's baby

By Mandy Cepeda Jan 2, 2015


Big sister Maya, baby Lanyiah and mother Jazmin. Lanyiah was the first baby born in 2015 at the Ruth R. Ellbogen Family, Mother, Baby Center at Wyoming Medical Center.

Lanyiah Rachael Buschnell couldn’t wait till her January 3 due date. To the surprise of her mother Jazmin Jones and father Eric Bushnell, she arrived January 1 at 2:01 a.m. weighing 5lbs, 13.1oz.

Jazmin had just been checked by her doctor the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 31 with no apparent changes since her last check up a week before. That evening she began to hurt and wasn’t feeling like herself. A shower with hot water running over her back didn’t ease the discomfort. Jazmin new she needed to be seen again. A quick call to her physician verified that Jazmin was having back labor and needed to go to WMC.


Lanyiah grins as she sleeps in grandma's arms.

Her water broke two hours after arriving at the hospital and it was time to have a baby. She progressed smoothly and three hours after her water broke, Lanyiah was born.Her big sister Maya says she is most excited about holding her little sister when they get home.

The idea of having the first baby of 2015 didn’t cross their minds until they learned her due date would be January 3.While it was fun to contemplate having the first baby of the new year, that thought soon slid to the back of their minds. The most important thing to Eric and Jazmin was having a healthy baby no matter when she was born.