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Thanks to Girl Scout Troop #1097 for brightening the stays of our youngest patients

By Kristy Bleizeffer May 22, 2015

posing with nurse and animals

Casper-area Girl Scout Troop #1097 poses in front of their 101 new stuffed animals they collected for the Wyoming Medical Center pediatric unit. Pediatric nurse Jenny Boyd accepted the toys on Wednesday, May 20. 'The kids will love them,' Boyd said. 'We can never have too many stuffed animals. You girls did great. Thank you so much.'

Wyoming Medical Center pediatric nurse Jenny Boyd hugs members of Girls Scouts Troop #1097 on Wednesday.

Wyoming Medical Center pediatric nurse Jenny Boyd hugs members of Girls Scouts Troop #1097 on Wednesday.

We had 11 very special guests on our pediatric unit on Wednesday. Casper-area Girl Scout Troop 1097 delivered 101 new stuffed animals to help brighten the stays of children unlucky enough to be admitted to the hospital.

"We have a couple of girls who have had experiences in the pediatric ward where the stuffed animal they received made a big difference to them," said troop leader Melissa Noah.

All spring, the girls have been working on a journey called “Agent of Change,” and have advanced through three different levels:

  • Power of One: Girls examine their own skills and special talents and ponder how these could be used to create change in the world.
  • Power of Team: Girls meld their talents with the talents of others to form a team working toward a common goal.
  • Power of Community: The team takes action on their plan and reaches out to their community.

WATCH: Casper's Girl Scout Troop #1097 recites the Girl Scout Mission from Wyoming Medical Center's lobby.

WATCH: Scouts from Casper's Girl Scout Troop #1097 explain their stuffed animal project to Wyoming medical Center pediatric nurse Jenny Boyd.

To start the project, the girls selected the community organizations they wanted to support and decided how they could help. They’ve collected food, blankets and stuffed animals throughout the spring, while also making treats and toys for the animals at the Casper Humane Society.

Last weekend, they started reaching out to the community by planting nine oak trees at the University of Wyoming Extension Office. Wednesday, they delivered goods to five community agencies. They delivered food and stuffed bags to Food for Thought, took blankets to Seton House and the Rescue Mission, and made treats and toys for Casper Humane Society. They finished the long afternoon at Wyoming Medical Center, dropping off 101 stuffed animals for children on our pediatric ward. Nurses will pass them out or let patients pick their favorites.

Wyoming Medical Center owes these young ladies a very big thank you. Your community is stronger because of the work you’ve done!

girl scout combined photo

At left: The Girl Scouts tour a Wyoming Medical Center ambulance after dropping off their stuffed animals. At right: The girls pose like eagles in front of our eagle ambulance.

girls and paramedic

The girls stopped by our ambulance bay to learn about our EMS service, paramedics and EMTs, and learn why it's important to call 911 in emergencies.

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