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Throwback Thursday: 'Hospital Auxiliary Is Helping to Build Up Community Goodwill' - Nov. 25, 1953

By Kristy Bleizeffer Nov 27, 2019

In May 1953, a group of civic-minded women formed the first Hospital Auxilary for Memorial Hospital of Natrona County. The Casper Star commemorated the moment with a photo.

Six months later, town's competing newspaper, the Tribune Herald, checked in on the auxiliary with this feature spread. By then, the auxiliary boasted 218 members who manned the hospital's hostess desk 12 hours per day, directing visitors and patients around the hospital, relaying messages, delivering books and flowers.

"More important, perhaps, than the simple but helpful duties performed by the auxiliary is the goodwill which has been created between the hsoptial and community through this infant organization. These women have taken a stake in their community and now, as never before, the community is learning what goes on in side the hospital which it patronizes and supports," wrote the article's author, Betty James, Tribune-Herald staff writer.

Then, membership dues were $1 per year.

The auxiliary has since evolved into the Wyoming Medical Center Volunteers. Sixty-six years after its founding, the Volunteers Services has more than 100 members, both men and women, who manage the Cottage Gift Shop, escort patients around the hospital, man our information booths and so many more vital functions to the operation of this hospital.

This Thanksgiving, and every other day of the year, we are thankful for their dedication to their community hospital and the hours they spend making it a warmer, more friendly place for patients and families.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is a series celebrating Wyoming Medical Center’s long and rich history in Natrona County. Special thanks to the Casper College Western History Center which archives the vast Wyoming Medical Center collection of newspaper articles, photographs and other memorabilia.